Saturday, November 22, 2014


I know this will make some people unhappy.

To clarify my point, I'm against any sort of "-archy" except anarchy. That would include patriarchy, matriarchy, monarchy, or whatever else you might come up with.

But, when I see people targeting patriarchy specifically- as seems to be the hot new trend- I feel like they are saying that because patriarchy has violated them, now that they have the political power to pull it off, they'll use The State to make sure I get violated for a while to balance things out. That would be aggression.

I'm not claiming that is the real intent, but it sure feels like it.

It feels evil.

I don't want any "laws" to enforce patriarchy, nor to forbid it. It's not within any State's authority either way. Rules made up by Rulers that focus on one group of people, to benefit them or to harm them, are wrong. They are counterfeit rules.

Let individuals choose whether to associate with those who single out "groups". Let the power of  shunning and ostracism work its magic. Let people make foolish choices and suffer the consequences. And stop playing into the politics of division. The ZAP is universal, and theft is wrong no matter who you are. Nothing else is really needed, but just serves to drive a wedge where it can do the most harm. Please stop helping those who want to divide us.