Monday, February 03, 2014

Changing rules

Playing games with my daughter is an educational experience.  She likes to win (as do I).  So she makes up rules arbitrarily as we play. The rules keep changing to give her the advantage.  And I violate those rules as fast as she makes them.

I hope she learns something.

Not that I "cheat", but that rules which are arbitrary and changed on a whim have no validity.

If we both agree on the rules of the game, or a rule change, I go along willingly.  The other rule changes I ignore while she declares herself the "winner" because I violated her "rule".  I would expect her to do the same if our roles were reversed, and some day I may try to introduce my own arbitrarily changing rules in the hopes she does the same to them.


Thanks for the support, and please consider it if you can.