Saturday, September 07, 2013

It's about choice and liberty

If "government" took over all food distribution and decided we all would be supplied (at "taxpayer expense") with a monthly ration of a perfectly adequate food pellet, would you hate me if I wanted to opt out?  Would you throw a fit, asking if I want "the liberty to starve to death"?

You could rant and rave that by rejecting my rations I obviously don't want to eat.

Just like statists do when I say I don't want government's schools, police, fire departments, roads, libraries, or whatever.

And, you'd be wrong.

The government food pellets may have all the vitamins, minerals, supplements, and fiber I need, and they may even be delicious, but that's not good enough for me.  I prefer to use my money, in my own way, to purchase what I would prefer to eat.  Even if it isn't as good for me.

Well, the same goes for all the things your government now "provides" with stolen money.  I would rather keep my money (and leave your money in your pockets, as well) and make my own food decisions and mistakes.  And I don't wish to pay twice- once for the government "service" I don't want, and once for the food I do want.

But for statists, such an assertion is like a declaration of war against all they hold dear.