Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Loyal to his enemy to the end

An older casual acquaintance of mine died Sunday night. Just days after being put on hospice. He was a Vietnam veteran and apparently had suffered a lot of damage from Agent Orange-- at least that's what he blamed for all his health trouble. The past couple of years were especially rough on him.

Some things made it worse than it had to be. The government directly poisoned him and then the VA subjected him to decades of government (socialized) "healthcare".

In spite of this, he was totally pro-military and pro-government to the end. He only objected to those institutions not being run the way he would have preferred. He had a flagpole in his front yard with Holy Pole Quilt and a POW-MIA flag lit by floodlights at night, being saluted by plywood soldier silhouettes.

I see this as a clear example of Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe you'd rather call it patriotism. RIP Jim.

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