Friday, March 22, 2024

The next anti-gun lie just dropped

Anti-gun bigots with political power have made up a new lie to sell to the gullible cowards: "Zombie guns". 

From what I understand, this doesn't refer to zombie-themed decorated guns or guns used to kill zombies, but refers to gun parts (and the guns they go into?) that were salvaged from gun "buybacks" [sic]. The guns were destroyed, but the anti-gun bigots are upset that every bit wasn't melted down, I guess. Because they are idiots.

I suppose I have several "zombie guns" since I have used parts I bought from a well-known parts supplier to repair old guns. I don't know where those parts originated. They might be infected with "gun violence" from their dark past! Oh no!

Will these anti-gun bigot idiots ever stop? Nope. That's why we need to laugh them back into the fetid crevices from whence they spawned.

The only guns that are a problem are those carried by government employees, and this problem is solved as soon as those guns are returned to the people whose stolen money paid for them. Government is the problem, not a solution.

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