Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The "Capitol assault" is a lie

People who have their money confiscated to pay for a government building have every right to enter that building without explicit permission. Including armed-- since they should always be armed. 

Those who try to prevent them from entering are the ones committing the crime, no matter what legislation says. Going in anyway is not an "assault".

Yes, government will try to protect itself with bogus "trespassing" claims, but their problem is they don't own the building. Government employees who are not abiding by the wishes of their bosses are the only ones subject to trespassing charges; not those who actually own the building.

If they don't like it they can always quit and get an honest job.

If the congressvermin were legitimately renting the Capitol building from me, then maybe-- as long as they were current on the rent and not violating any other parts of the rental agreement-- they would have a good case for keeping the landlords out. But they aren't paid up and they are violating the agreement. They are squatters, smearing feces on the walls (they call it "legislation") while thumbing their noses at the landlords.

Drive them off the property and into the swamp. Then let the leeches and mosquitoes deal with the trespassers.


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