Thursday, March 21, 2024

People choosing to be part of the problem

Over and over I see evidence that the biggest problem most people have with human rights is that they don't stop at "borders". And they really want them to!

Humans all share the exact same rights. It doesn't matter if you call the person "illegal"-- which is an absurd thing to do anyway.

The feral US government is prohibited from violating human rights-- it doesn't matter whose rights it is scheming to violate. Yes, the feral government ignores this prohibition every chance it gets, but that's because it is a criminal gang, not because it has a "right" to violate rights.

But a lot of people get hung up on that fact. They want rights to stop at "borders". They want government to violate the rights of people they don't like. And they'll call you names for pointing out that they are advocating evil. This is my biggest problem with most "pro-gun" people.

Until normal people understand rights it will keep getting easier and easier for criminals to violate those rights. Real criminals, like politicians and legislation enforcers, not fake "criminals" like people who simply walked somewhere without asking a criminal gang for permission.

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