Thursday, April 13, 2017

Don't lose your way

Over the years I have noticed a tendency for people to start out good, and then begin to veer off-course. I could list so many I have seen this happen to- both "libertarian famous" and "nobodies".

They start out rationally standing up for Rightful Liberty, or however you choose to refer to this concept which (I hope) unites us, but then something triggers them to start following a false trail.

Sometimes a politician arises that they like.
Sometimes they decide their culture, warts and all, is more important than consistency.
Sometimes they decide their religion gives them justification to violate others, and begin standing against anyone who exposes this lie.
Sometimes they get caught up in the pageantry of war; the flag waving "patriotism".
Sometimes a personal tragedy fools them into believing just a little bit of archation is necessary.
Sometimes a loved one accepts a "job" with the State and they'd rather turn their backs on the truth than remain consistent and risk their relationship.
Sometimes they just get so focused on one tiny thing that they forget to look up and see where they have wandered.

It's a sad and disturbing thing, and seems almost inevitable, given time. There are so many more ways to be wrong than to be right.

I hope that hasn't happened to me, and if it hasn't, I hope it never does. I do make a habit of taking a breath now and then, looking up from what I'm doing to look around and see if I'm still on course, and nudge myself back on track if it seems like I may be drifting.

I always know I might be wrong. I may be the evil one, or at least taking the evil position. It's unpleasant, but it's possible.

(There are those of course, who never lost their way. Liberty lovers have lost one of the true good guys with the death of William N. Grigg. RIP. I will miss him!)

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