Friday, April 12, 2024

Another example of Uncanny Valley

I recently read an article and something about it felt “off”. At the end of the article was a disclaimer that AI was used to help write it. 

That’s when I realized "uncanny valley" isn’t just a visual phenomenon; it can exist in any realm. If something seems almost, but not quite, "human"-- whether in looks, movement, or writing style-- uncanny valley will be triggered. I expect to see other examples in additional realms, too.

I do think AI will eventually climb out of the valley with writing. What I'm not sure of is whether this will be a good thing. If AI is able to eventually sound completely human and reasonable, while telling convenient (for the rulers) lies its programmers want it to tell, it could do a lot of damage. Probably more than simple human liars could do.

I suppose we're about to find out for sure.

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