Wednesday, February 14, 2018

States need victims

Another way government makes people weak and pathetic.

Victim cultures share in common with honor cultures the sensitivity to slights or insults, but whereas those in an honor culture might try to retaliate (physically or otherwise), people in a victim culture will instead appeal to a powerful, omnipresent state/legal authority. Classic examples are Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia. In contrast to honor cultures that expect victims to be strong and stern enough to defend themselves, and dignity cultures that expect victims to be calm and charitable when in a dispute or disagreement, victim cultures emphasize how complainants are emotionally or physically fragile, vulnerable, and weak. In order to have high status in a victim culture, one must perfect and dramatize a personal “narrative of suffering. (emphasis mine) Source.

Notice that it's the overbearing presence of "authority" which gives weak and pathetic people the ability to form such a "culture", and this then feeds the "authority", creating a crippling feedback loop.

Statism is, and has always been, the preferred "culture" of the weak and pathetic, and of those evil enough to use the cowardice and childishness of the weak and pathetic to their advantage.

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