Friday, July 04, 2014

Solve a mystery

The above are 3 text messages which I got last night/this morning at 12:01 from "Unknown. They all arrived within about a half second, in numerical order.
Even stranger, when I actually open the texts, the letters aren't there, only the numbers.
There is no way to reply to the texts, not that I would anyway.

Does anyone have a clue what this might be, or has anyone ever gotten something like this?


Happy Secession Day!

Or, maybe Liberty Day. Because you're independent every day, right?

I refuse to celebrate a day which was originally set aside to celebrate independence from a tyrannical State by worshiping the growing abuses of a tyrannical State which is in the process of building a planet-wide Mega-Empire of aggression, spying, and theft.

Nope. I'll celebrate the spirit of secession- as it should be.

And, when I encourage secession I don't just mean an independent nation of Texas or something like that- although that would be fine too, as a first step of smashing Leviathan into manageable-sized chunks- but secession all the way to the level of the individual. Not isolated islands of one person each, but a sea of equal individuals. No slaves; no masters. Just sovereign individuals living their lives, not under any false "authority".

That is Liberty, and secession is a necessary step on the path to get there.

Happy Secession Day!

I see this as the antidote to the fictional Unification Day from "Firefly". Yesterday I was shocked and disappointed to see a supposed Browncoat on Facebook defending and praising the real life Reavers... I mean PurpleBellies.  Oops, Alliance... uh... cops. Whichever... the real life bad guys. The cognitive dissonance seems like it would painful. Can't much figure out how copsuckers survive such high levels of it.