Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Progressive poster boy"

A few days ago, while visiting a local convenience store, I saw a car that was the perfect caricature of "progressivism".

It was, of course, a hybrid. From Illinois.

The back was covered in "progressive" bumper stickers. Pro-Sanders, anti-Trump, touchy feely things about loving everyone as long as they aren't "conservative" or a gun owner. OK, that last bit is hyperbole, but just barely. I'm sure you have seen cars like this.

The inside of the car was filled with all sorts of stuff, including fuzzy blankets and a big, expensive-looking camera sitting on top of the pile in the passenger seat. Almost against the window.

I wonder if that camera would have still been there when Mr. Feels returned had the car been parked in one of those "progressive paradises" like Chicago. I have my doubts.

I wish I had thought of taking a picture of it all before the guy got back in his car.

Speaking of the driver- the guy looked like he could have been Bernie Sanders' brother.

I would actually have liked to talk to him. If I could have done so without either laughing or getting angry that such ignorance goes unchallenged.

As I walked back to my car I went slightly out of my way and stooped to pick up a piece of litter on the ground (as I am in the habit of doing) in front of his car, and saw him sitting there not looking at me. I wondered if he noticed what I had done, and what he thought if he did. Because, for all his "progressive" ways, he had stepped over the litter in order to get in his car. He failed to be the change he wished to see.

I measured him by the standard he espoused by his bumper stickers, and he came up short.

What did I learn from him?

I must always be aware that others will be watching and judging me by the standards I espouse. Being human, I will occasionally fail. I need to be aware and apologize when I do. And always do better.