Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Shattering beliefs

Believing in something- anything- seems to make people happy.

Even things that are provably false.

So is it mean to tell people statism is based on a lie? To shatter their illusions? To tell them "authority" is nothing more than a superstitious belief? the most dangerous one.

Is it mean to tell them in no uncertain terms that "taxation" IS theft, no matter how much they like it?

Is it cold-hearted to tell them that "their" government is nothing but a gang of bullies? That there can never be a "good government"? That cops are scum? That the government military makes them (and everyone else) much less safe? That their loyalty and love are misplaced?

Is it like telling an excited little kid there is no Santa Claus?

Is telling the truth mean?

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