Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Don't help cops violate others

As I was driving down the road one recent day, I saw a truck which the local road pirates had stopped. I don't know why, or anything about the situation, but I noticed a tow truck moving into position to hook up and take the other truck away.

My suspicion is that it wasn't due to mechanical trouble- usually I see the trucks being worked on by a mechanic in that case. I suspect that for one reason or another, the cops were taking possession of the vehicle due to some "law" being broken.

Maybe that wasn't the case this time- but it often is.

If I were a tow truck driver, I wouldn't help cops.

Sure, if a cop called for me to come tow away a car after an accident or a breakdown, or an abandoned car, I would do that- in an attempt to protect the private property of an individual. I wouldn't tow it to the cops' "impound lot" though.

And if a cop called me to come tow a car that the cops were stealing, just no.

If a driver was discovered to not have a "license", and the cops wouldn't allow them back behind the wheel, I wouldn't help the cops steal the car.

Or, if the driver hailed from a different tax farm, and didn't have his mandatory government permission slips to be in this particular tax farm.

Or, if the cops found drugs or other types of contraband in the car, same thing. I would not help the road pirates steal.

My mission would be to help people and protect property, not to help cops victimize people.

I realize cops would quickly stop calling me for anything, and I could live with that. Nothing good can come from associating with the police.

And, even though I am not a tow truck operator, I can still choose to never help cops violate anyone. It is part of my pledge to my community.

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