Saturday, September 12, 2020

"Borders", human trafficking, "freebies", and other political misdeeds

Why would anyone conflate "open borders" with government intentionally importing hordes of people from other counties and giving them your stuff? Those aren't the same thing at all

But it's a useful strawman. And that explains why they "get confused" when the subject comes up. After all, if you can't lie about things you can't be political.

I'm not for "open borders"; I don't believe in government borders. There's a difference between those that goes over the heads of most people. 

I'm also opposed to government doing anything, including importing people from other countries (which is human trafficking for political gain) or giving anyone other people's property.

Once again we see government pretending to be the solution to problems which wouldn't exist without it causing them in the first place. And the political people either enthusiastically going along with it or enthusiastically opposing it while unknowingly legitimizing it. It's the most common thing in the world. 

I hope you don't fall for it.


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