Sunday, July 24, 2016

Statists and "anti-police rhetoric"

Apparently, cops and copsuckers believe there is too much "anti-police rhetoric" these days, resulting in people having the gall to defend themselves from violation by cops. And it upsets the statists greatly. Poor babies.

They are getting their diapers all gooey over people who believe they are exempt from federal laws, income taxes, driver's licenses, gun "laws", and who knows what else.

People who believe the government is no longer legitimate.

People who either know the score, or are deluded into believing they can be a "sovereign citizen". (Ha ha!)

In other words, people who believe they are "above the law".

What a bizarre thing to fear. How minor in the grand scheme of things.

If those trivial things scare them, the bitter truth would literally terrify them out of their minds.

Let me clue you in:

You are exempt from all the above violations of life, liberty, and property.
No State (what you probably mean when you think of "government") can ever be legitimate.
And you are above all made-up, written down laws. Everyone is above the law, because the law is a poor substitute for individual rights and the emergent property, called society, which results. "The law" supposedly serves you, and as your servant, you are logically above it.

Doesn't mean bullies working for the government won't murder you for recognizing this, but the truth is the truth. None of this means you have any right to initiate force or to violate property, but self defense doesn't cross either line.

Cops are just another nasty gang. The big difference between cops and other thugs is that the cops have nicer stuff. Shiny signs telling what you are "required" to do, clean and pressed gang colors, flashy gang cars, fancier guns and weapons (often, stuff you and I are prohibited from owning)- all the stuff associated with the Blue Line Gang. And all this fancy stuff is bought with the proceeds of their crimes- crimes they are committing against you and your family, friends, and neighbors.

"Anti-police rhetoric"; formerly known as "the expectation that cops obey the laws they impose on the rest of us, don't shoot first and ask questions later, don't act like murderous cowards, don't show up at the wrong house and automatically shoot the dog or grenade the baby, and don't aggravate the situation by aggressively accosting people who aren't doing anything wrong".

But, yeah, "anti-police rhetoric" is so much simpler for simpletons to say.

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