Friday, June 10, 2022


Helplessness isn't something to be proud of

Does it seem like many people today see their own helplessness as a badge of honor? Maybe as a sign of how modern and sophisticated they are? In today's world, if they need something done they'll just call someone else to help.

And it's not just about guns.

I saw where someone had asked people if they carry a knife, and how often they use it if they do. So many people responded that they don't (or claimed they can't) carry one. That they never need one anyway. That they can ask someone else to use a knife if they need to.

There was no awareness that they were depending on others for a common task they should be taking care of themselves. In fact, those who questioned why anyone would ever need a knife seemed to think they were more evolved since they didn't need such crude things as a knife on their person.

Yet, even they often admitted they had to ask someone else to open things for them with a knife. Why not just be responsible and carry your own tool? Why outsource it?

Is it partly because so many have been fooled into seeing knives as only weapons? Believing the government lie that weapons are "not nice" and good people don't carry them (unless you are doing so as part of your government "job")? That you should "leave it to the professionals"?

Doing a little mental inventory, I think I'm currently carrying five knives. And I'm not wearing anything I don't wear every day. Of those five knives, two get used constantly; one is used several times every day and the other at least once per day. The others include two on my hobo tools and a SOG key knife on my keychain. 

I can't even imagine the inconvenience of not having a knife on me when I need it. I even have one clipped in my pajama pocket at night.

On a bit of a tangent-- I've learned to never lend a knife to anyone. The times I did that resulted in broken blade tips since so many people think of a knife when they need a crow bar. My dad included, as my mom's kitchen knives can attest. If you need something cut, ask me to cut it. If you need something pried, I might be able to help with that, too. But I'll not be handing you my knife.


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