Thursday, June 21, 2018

Caught in the Doldrums

Sometimes I think the world, and what passes for society, is insane.

I can't help but be relieved two evil rulers of two evil governments seem to not want to blow up the world to spite each other right now. How low is that bar? How did they get this kind of power in the first place? These guys-- and others like them-- shouldn't be able to affect the lives of anyone but their immediate familes, and yet, here we are. That's crazy.

People are still denying property rights by shilling for national borders, border walls, and a police state because of their hatred of this thing they call  "immigration", and kids are getting caught in the crossfire. Taking kids away from parents, whether the practice was started under Obama or Trump, is insanely evil. So are Border Patrol traffic stops and other property rights violations. Borderism... ugh. Nasty stuff, that.

The anti-gun bigots aren't screeching quite as loud at the moment, That's good. But just wait until the next "gun control" emboldened evil loser decides it's time to slaughter. It won't be long, I'm sure.

Then you have a vast mob of people openly supporting a brutal nationwide gang of molesters who rob and murder for the "offense", among others, of not bowing down to them fast enough. Completely insane and related to another bit of craziness...

Government, which if it is allowed to exist at all, should never tell any individual what to do, has been allowed to morph into a nasty master rather than a timid servant. Insanity! It's totally stupid to allow government of any kind to ever set itself above any person or individual rights, for any reason. Government, specifically the State, needs to die.

Yeah, today the insanity is really getting me down. Not the first time, and I know it won't be the last. It's not even just all the above. Birthdays get to me, as does Father's Day. This isn't my favorite time of year. It's all causing a bit of writer's block, and just generally making me feel bad. It's always temporary, but I hate when it happens.

So, if (or when) this happens to you, how do you bring yourself out of it?

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