Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"Licenses", for safetyness

The regulatory bureaucracy relies on gullible people falling for its lies about "safety" and so forth. I've never seen a licensing scheme that made real sense outside such conditioning.

On a video about SpaceX's Starship, and the months of delays due to government dragging its feet to issue a "launch license", I commented: 
"Imagine thinking you have a right to force people/businesses to get licenses from your gang…" 

A gullible statist-- possibly an employee of one of those agencies threatening the future of our species-- replied: "So they don't drop their giant rockets on anyone's head? Yup.

I responded with what should be obvious to anyone not in thrall to the regulatory state: "It wouldn't be in SpaceX's interest to do so. I have more trust in their ability to avoid that outcome on their own than in allowing an incompetent, corrupt gang to 'oversee' them."

Are these people really gullible enough to imagine that licensing-- from government-- is what keeps us safe? Yes, I'm afraid they really are that gullible.

Only a business protected from consequences by a "special relationship" with government that comes with "benefits" could expect to harm people without being held accountable. Just like the gang which issues such licenses does regularly.

Licensing is a type of enhanced tax; it's just a scheme to steal money while asserting illegitimate control over things government shouldn't be controlling in the first place.

Anyone who imagines that government issues licenses to protect us all, and that without such a licensing scheme businesses would happily kill us without accountability, is part of the problem. They are why we can't have nice things.
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