Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dull 'Hawk-isms 2

More things I have recently posted as Facebook statuses:
  • If your crops are being devoured by locusts, and withering from lack of rain, and your solution is to change your socks, you may be a voter.
  • Stating that your premise is not falsifiable isn't a compliment.
  • People get confused about bullies.
    Some believe that bullies are "authority" you believe in if they threaten you into compliance.
    Some people are silly.
  • There is no ethical difference between the person who ridicules the statement that taxation is theft and the person who ridicules the statement that slavery is wrong.
  • The Patriot's Day in April is in celebration of liberty.
    The "Patriot's" Day in September is in celebration of government.
    Same name, opposite purposes.
  • "Why do you pay taxes if you don't believe in authority?"
    Hypothetically speaking... Because I believe in bullies who will kidnap me if I don't comply with their mugging, and will murder me if I resist their efforts to kidnap me. It has nothing to do with "authority"- it's simple bullying. A mugging.
    "Authority" isn't a real thing. It is a mental problem in those who believe in "authority".
  • Personally, I am glad actions have consequences. If they didn't, no one would ever learn to behave.
    And, since actions have consequences whether I like it or not, I might as well like it.
  • Those who say that the phrase "taxation equals slavery" belittles the plight of those who have suffered chattel slavery are missing the point.
    Yes, chattel slavery is worse.
    However, that doesn't diminish the evil of "taxation".
    Murder is worse than attempted murder, but that does nothing to excuse attempted murder.
    Plus, once you excuse one form of slavery (or other violation of person or property) on the basis of it not being "as bad as" another form, you have left the high ground and are wallowing in the sewer. You are leaving wiggle room for those who want to do evil things to others without feeling bad about it.
  • Sometimes I wish I could photograph my face when I read certain status updates.
    Those which are in ALL CAPS and have "creative grammar" and "spelling" to the point I can't even figure out what they are ranting about.
    Sometimes I suspect they might be saying something I'd agree with- but so poorly I can't be sure. These make me sad.
    The apparent statist rants which fit the above make me happy, since it confirms my bias against statists by confirming my suspicions that statists are statists precisely because they are stupid.