Monday, August 31, 2015

Cantwell on Cops and Blowback

I have the same problem with cops I have with the presence of any other thieves or molesters; the same I have with any other bullies.

I also feel just as much sadness at their deaths as I felt when that disgusting murderer, Virginia Vester, killed himself. I just think "One less parasite taking up space."

It doesn't mean I would hunt them down. They don't deserve that much effort or attention. But I wouldn't lift a finger to prevent consequences from coming home to roost on their deserving heads.

A supporter (thank you!) sent this link to Christopher Cantwell's recent article, The Fall of Law Enforcement. I recommend you read it.

I realize it wasn't the actual connotation meant, but I would love to see "law enforcement" in its Fall/Autumn. It is time for it to fade, wither, and drop. And blow away and be gone. Maybe burned in big piles. Or composted. Any "law" that must be enforced- particularly by bullies paid through theft- is a counterfeit rule. Real Laws- don't initiate force, and don't violate property- don't need to be written to be recognized, and the only enforcement they need is defense of person and property.

I agree with Cantwell that cops are cowards, and cops calling a cop killer a coward is hilarious. As kids used to say, it takes one to know one. (Maybe that means I am a coward. It is possible. If so, I disgust myself.)

My favorite paragraph from the entire article is this one:

The hubris of Sheriff Troy Nehls to say “Despite the cowardice [sic] attack last night, we will continue to provide professional (law enforcement) services to our communities” in the wake of the attack further shows the aforementioned disconnect. Worded differently he could say “We don’t care if our actions so enrage the community that they see fit to shoot us in the back while we fuel our vehicles, we so enjoy our rampant crime and oppression that we will lay down our lives to continue it” and it would convey an identical message.
Again, I agree.

Cops are scum, acting out their aggressive nature and demanding to be left to do so at their whim. Things will change, one way or another. For better or worse. You can't continue to be a bully and pretend there will not be blowback. Well, I guess you can pretend, but you will be surprised that this isn't how reality works. Actions have consequences. Actions repeated to the point they are habitual behaviors have guaranteed consequences.

I find it amusing that cops have such a problem with non-cops acting like cops. Because, that's basically what the guy the sheriff is complaining about did.

And, as always, I remind you that a cop can go from being a verminous parasite to a decent person in less than a moment- that's all the time it takes to quit the "job" and stop being a bully and stop living on theft. And that is the ONLY way a cop can become good.

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