Saturday, July 23, 2022

The reason my traveling days are behind me

Other members of my family travel. Some of them just took an Alaska cruise and others are about to go to Europe. They frequently fly around the country, visiting places like New York City, Las Vegas, NV, and California.

I don't travel far. Not because I don't want to. I might not choose the same trips they take, but I would like to wander the Australian Outback.

It's not just the fact I couldn't afford the trip since I refused to take a government job like most (but not all) of my relatives did. I simply have no interest in going anywhere I can't be adequately armed. That includes the airplane flight to get there. Which, in this current backward era, is a problem.

Airport security is a tyrannical joke. And these days there are even more roadblocks, like mask and shot mandates, and all that goes with sickness psychosis.

No one's assurances of how safe I would be make any difference to me. I don't rely on legislation or policies (or other people) to keep me safe; I see them as an added danger. It feels like bungee jumping with obviously sun-rotted bungees because that's all that's available. You'll probably be safe, but why take the unnecessary risk?


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