Monday, September 23, 2013

I am a pleasant guy. Honest.

By a strange coincidence, after my post yesterday morning, I found myself talking to the new (government) school superintendent yesterday afternoon.

He just recently (first of the "school year") moved to town, and bought the house next door to my parents', and while I was over there doing some work yesterday, he came over to ask some local lawn care advice.

Yes, I do take care of my parents' lawn, but if you knew me you would know how much of a "lawn person" I am not.  Hate the things.  I'd rather grow sand dunes and cactus, and edible "weeds".  But this year, for the first time in ages, my parents' lawn does look good (according to majority tastes).

The new superintendent moved here from a wetter region, and boy will he be surprised if this recent wet spell doesn't repeat next summer.  He was asking how much water my parents' lawn gets to look as good as it does, so I told him how I water it.

And, even knowing who the guy is, not ONCE did I mention that I think all government schools need to be burned to the ground, the ruins bulldozed, and salt spread on the ashes.  See how nice I am?