Monday, July 17, 2023

Anti-gunners ARE bullies

Over and over again I see anti-gun bigots using the tactics of bullies to try to disarm others. All anti-gun bigots are bullies, whether they work for government, the media, or are just shills like Hoggwimp.

If you attempt to shame someone over something which isn't wrong or shameful to get them to do your bidding, you are a bully.

If you lie to try to get someone to go along with what you want to do to them, you are a bully.

If the shaming and lying don't work to get people to hand in their guns to government, what do anti-gun bigots do next? They legislate or bureaucrate. (Is "bureaucrate" a verb to describe acts such as the BATFEces gang's backdoor efforts to make up deadly illegitimate non-legislative bureaucratic rules? If not, it is... now.)

The use of legislation or non-legislative bureaucratic rules (as opposed to voiding illegitimate legislation) when you can't get your way otherwise is a bully's tactic. Especially when the legislation is based in lies, as is ALL "gun control".

Anti-gun bigots love to try to paint gun owners as "bullies", but gun owners aren't the ones using the bully's means to impose their will. Fighting back against a bully isn't bullying and is never wrong. Stopping someone from violating you isn't you "forcing your will" on them, no matter how many times they try to frame it that way.

I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. I wouldn't force an anti-gunner (or anyone else) to own or carry any sort of weapon, thinking most anti-gun bigots aren't responsible enough.

The anti-gunners who want you to not have guns are the ones doing this sort of manipulative bully maneuver. They have much in common with the freelance archators who use guns against the innocent; they are both evil losers, They have more in common with each other than either side has with the liberty-respecting gun owner.

Bullies are generally cowardly. They want you to be at a disadvantage so they can dominate you without you being able to effectively fight back. So they'll use whatever tactics they can find-- lying, shaming, legislating, whatever-- to try to make it so they have the advantage over you.

No compromise. Don't budge a single Planck Length. Push back all the violations they've gotten away with so far. The time of the bullies is finished.

I have always despised bullies. This is part of the reason I WILL NOT back down in the face of anti-gun bigots who don't like for you to have the means to fight back against their type.

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Thank you!