Monday, October 07, 2019

Left behind because I can't ride the bandwagon

The election of Donald Trump has been bad for me. It has hurt me, personally. No, that doesn't mean I would have preferred Hillary Clinton-- I wouldn't have-- I'm just making an observation.

How did Trump's election hurt me? It cost me readers and supporters-- my monthly income has been cut almost in half since the election.

I've stayed consistent (as far as I can tell) and didn't change my stance on anything that I know of, but lots of libertarians who were "following" my blog seem to have hopped to Trump's nationalist side-- some openly so. Leaving me behind. Because I can't go there.

Maybe I'm the one in the wrong. It's always possible and is something I'd want to correct if it were so. Or, maybe I'm not wrong, but no one wants to hear the truth. I'd rather be correct than popular, though. And consistent. Being consistent doesn't mean you're right-- you can be consistently wrong-- but being inconsistent means you are definitely wrong about something.

Or maybe I've lost my relevance in other ways or for other reasons that have nothing to do with Trump's election. Maybe it's a coincidence and nothing more. It's possible.

The election of Donald Trump didn't suddenly change unethical behavior into ethical behavior just because you like it. But pointing this out seems to have hurt me. Maybe the next president-- whenever and whoever-- will reverse the trend.

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I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support. If so...
YOU get to decide if I get paid.