Friday, February 04, 2022

Criminals on a crime spree-- BATFEces spins out of control

Crime, real crime, is an action that violates life, liberty, or property. Sometimes these actions also violate legislation, not that this matters. Of course, that irrelevant bit is the only part government-- a gang of criminals-- cares about.

Any government making up or enforcing any rules concerning weapons is crime.

The BATFE (they like to be known as the "ATF") is a gang of criminals, founded by another gang of criminals-- in direct violation of that gang's charter-- to commit crimes against gun owners. Their very existence is a crime, and every act they commit is another crime.

Now, this gang of criminals is raiding Amish dairy farms, kidnapping YouTubers, and kidnapping people over little sheets of metal that these goons dishonestly call a machine gun. This reminds me of when these criminals declared shoelaces to be machine guns in an earlier era. Stupid, or just evil? Even if they were machine guns, enforcing any government policy against them-- or any weapon-- is a crime. 

It has also recently been discovered that this gang of criminals is keeping records-- in clear violation of the laws which apply to their actions-- of something like a billion guns (and thus, the owners of those guns). If you ever imagined they weren't keeping track, you're vulnerable to sleazy bridge salesmen.

No good person would work for this gang UNLESS it was as a mole, working diligently to destroy every record they could get their hands on and otherwise saving people from the clutches of the gang. 

The BATFEces needs to be flushed away. Their criminal task not reassigned to anyone else, but abolished, and all records shredded, burned, along with all their computers, which should be ground into dust along with their charred bones. Why would anyone tolerate the existence of this criminal gang?


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