Thursday, December 24, 2015

I'll embrace the label

Out of (possibly misplaced) consideration I let my second ex-wife know of Cheyenne's death. They were once close.

The details of how our marriage ended aren't important- neither of us was innocent. The past is the past, and I hold no grudge against her. I can't say the same for her, considering the response I got several years ago to a friendly "hi".

The response I got back this time had me shaking my head, wondering just exactly what her reality looks like.

She wound up saying some nice things about Cheyenne, but not before beginning the message by saying: "I never had another thing to say to you after i walked away. You truley [sic] have a problem and need help."

The funny thing is, I remember what happened in our marriage, how it ended, and I know what her life has been like since it ended. Talk about people in glass houses and their poorly aimed projectiles... Anyway...

At Cheyenne's memorial, her mom- my first ex-wife- made a point of telling me several times, with a smile, that I am crazy- without specifics. But, it's clear to me she still likes me as a person.

Our son has a quite different take on the matter of who is crazy. At least, from what he's said to me. I guess it depends on perspective.

But, neither ex mentioned what my perceived problem might be, or in what way I am crazy.

Sure, I should take such pronouncements with a grain of salt, and consider other factors. Still, it does nag at me.

On the other hand, looking around at the world and society these days, perhaps being told I "have a problem" and am "crazy" might be endorsements. Going along with what is going on might be "normal", but it can't possibly be right. If being right indicates a problem, or a sign of craziness, I'll be happy to wear that label. How about you?