Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Facing down Goliath?

Have you enjoyed all the pats on the back for not (yet) dying of Covid-19? I'm seeing those kinds of ads... along with the renewed calls to panic more again (since you're so inconsiderate to not be panicking enough to suit the karens now).

Are you buying in to your own heroism?

Some people seem to want to see themselves as heroic survivors for living through the pandemic. As people tend to do, they overstate the strength and danger of their opponent to make themselves look braver and stronger. Soldiers prefer to defeat giants and geniuses instead of regular people, so they'll often magnify the competence of their enemy. Nobody feels good about defeating a butterfly, they want to convince you it was a flying fire-breathing dragon.

It's the same with this coronavirus. No one feels like a hero for surviving a cold, so they'll pretend it's the plague and everyone can then feel good about themselves.

I am fairly certain this virus is highly contagious, but since it is obviously not a fraction as deadly as the fear-mongers want you to believe it is, what does it really matter how contagious it is? Catch it, get over it, and get on with life. It's not nearly as big a problem as the political responses to it are.

The only people I see who really seem desperate to make this virus out to be a bigger danger than it obviously is are those who have something to gain by overstating the danger. Either they get more political power or they get to see themselves as heroes.

It's really kind of sad and odd to me.

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