Wednesday, July 19, 2023


The parallels between astrology and government are undeniable.

The only differences are a consequence of more being employed by one than the other.

Neither is a physical thing. In each case, the real-world effects come, not from the thing being real, but from those who believe in it acting on their belief.

One has star charts the other has constitutions. 

These documents lead to horoscopes and legislation. Question either in front of a True Believer and see how they'll react.

Some percentage of the population fervently believes in astrology and/or in government.

Yet, both are mere superstitions.

Where they differ is that astrologers can't force you to follow their recommendations nor to pay them and fund their infrastructure and studies against your will. Government can and does. Again, this is simply because of the disparity in the number of those employed by each.

If astrology employed as many people as government, before long you'd probably have horoscope enforcers patrolling to make sure the commoners were following their horoscope and "fining" those who weren't. Kidnapping and killing those who resist.

And, since astrology is "obviously" essential to society, you'd be forced to chip in to pay astrologers, fund their "studies", and pay for the building of lavish quarters where their "business" would be conducted.

Government is equally ridiculous and illegitimate.

At present, in spite of the ridiculousness of astrology, it is vastly superior to government simply because it is voluntary.

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