Friday, January 26, 2018

Women shouldn't be allowed to v*te

And neither should immigrants, or felons, or government employees, or men, or Bonobos, or any other living thing. Robots, either.

There is very, very little that is legitimately up for a v*te, and liberty and rights are never among them.

If you want to v*te on pizza toppings, while not being forced to chip in for a pizza you won't eat, go ahead.

If you want to v*te on how much of your neighbor's money will be stolen, or what people will be allowed to do with their own property, or whether self-defense tools will be criminalized, or how to punish those who ingest things you don't approve of-- sorry, but that's not within your rights. No matter who or what you are. No one has the right to v*te to archate against others. Not ever. The "right to v*te" doesn't exist and can't be created.

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