Friday, January 08, 2021

On violence

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Violence isn't inherently wrong. Violence can be the right response to aggression. Violence can be the right response to threats to your life, liberty, and property. Violence can be the right response to archation. Violence is not the fundamental problem, archation is.

If you don't want violence, don't start it. Don't back your victims into a corner. Don't attack them or their property. Don't make them feel they are left with no choice; with nothing to lose.

If you are someone who makes a habit of violating others, and violence comes to your door, don't whine when it happens. You earned it good and hard.

Feel free to cower and snivel and posture, pretending you have the moral high ground, but you are the bad guy. That's right. You are the bad guy. I have no compassion for you whatsoever. Seeing you cower in fear under your chair makes me happy.

Yes, I know you'll retaliate in a way you believe keeps you separate from the violence. You'll send other bad guys to kill and die in your place. But I know what you are.

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