Monday, January 13, 2020

"Listen to my voice-- you are getting sleepy..."

While most hallucinations are additive-- the hallucinating person sees something which isn't there-- I wonder whether hypnosis can do the opposite: cause people to not see what's right in front of them. To make something invisible to the subject.

I couldn't find the answer online, so I've asked Quora. So far, every hypnotist who has answered has said yes, you can be hypnotized into not seeing what is there.

That doesn't make it true, but it does make it more plausible. If it doesn't/can't work that way, oh well. It was a thought. But if it can have that effect, as hypnotists on Quora say it can, it would explain some things.

If indoctrination into the religion of Statism is a form of hypnosis, which it seems reasonable to think it probably is, it would explain why those who have been hypnotized by this government indoctrination (largely through "public schools") can't see the police state happening right under their noses. Why they can't see what's clearly there, right in front of them.

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