Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Don't be fooled by appearances

When people first see me they are often fooled.

Some of the mistakes people have made as to what I am are even contradictory, but people see what they want to see.

I have been assumed to be a drug addict or dealer.
I have been assumed to be an undercover cop.
I have been assumed to hate gays- or to be gay.
It has been assumed that I am uneducated- a "hick".
I have been confused for a cowboy, and a hippie.
I have been assumed to be a religious fundamentalist.
A guy recently assumed I was an ex-Marine.

None of those are true about me.

I have also been wildly wrong about other people based on appearances or first impressions.

One of my best friends looked "snooty" to me the first time I met her. I was very wrong.

On the other hand, I have thought some people were smarter or nicer than they turned out to be- sometimes with tragic results. I'll leave out details.

There have been times I looked at someone and thought there couldn't be anything we had in common, and when I got to know them discovered just how much alike we were. Personally, I love when this happens because it always expands my horizons.

So, don't assume the person you encounter is going to hate or fear liberty based on how they dress or how they act. Until they demonstrate that they do. Give them a chance and the benefit of a doubt, just as you probably hope others do for you. They might just surprise you.

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