Thursday, August 08, 2019

I oppose all "laws"

I'm against drug abuse, but neither can I support prohibition.

This is difficult for some people to understand, no matter how many times I try to explain. Why? Why isn't it clear?

It's exactly the same way that I'm against shooting innocent people and I'm against anti-gun "laws".

Even if I'm against something, it doesn't imply that I'm for the government knee-jerk "solution". I know those government edicts only make things worse. Why would I support that? You can't solve a problem by doing more of the thing which contributes to the problem.

No, "laws" aren't the only factor causing drug abuse and mass murder (just for 2 examples), but they are a contributing factor. One which I completely, whole-heartedly oppose in every case.

I don't ever support "laws" or those who impose and enforce them. Never. Not even when I see a problem I want solved.


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