Saturday, December 31, 2022

"Winning" by changing the topic

So many times I see someone start off by making (or responding to) a claim and then changing the topic midstream so that it looks like they won if you're not paying close attention.

I pick on Scott Adams a lot and I'll do it again. I see him do this sleight of hand very frequently. He did it again a couple of days ago. As I've said before, when he's right he's right. When he's wrong it's generally because he's a government supremacist. Providing cover for political criminals in various ways. Like this latest example.

He posted a poll asking "How many of you believe some group of elites or leftists or someone important wants to reduce the population of Earth?"

In his livestream, he later claimed the right answer is "That's nuts".

Of course, it depends on how you define "elites", what you consider to be their "groups", who you think is "important", and what you mean by "wants", etc. It requires a lot of assumptions. I mean, you could consider the Georgia Guidestones to have been a clear piece of evidence; a confession. But I bet he'd brush that away with claims it wasn't the "wants" of a group of important elites or something, since it doesn't conform to his beliefs.

I was not on the "Yes" side, but had chosen the third path (which he claimed was the wrongest answer)...until I heard his explanation as to why "No" (or, as he framed it: "That's nuts") is the "right" answer. His explanation was flawed and he changed the topic so he could "win" which made me realize he was wrong. I change my answer to "Yes" ("I believe it").

What he did, midstream, was to change it from a question strictly about reducing the population to a question of economics. He said the elites understand that for economies to work, the population has to grow. They want more and more people to rob ("tax"), sell to, and, employ. This is a tangent to his original question. I saw the sleight of hand, though.

Many of the "elites" are communists (or commie-lite), thus showing they are economically illiterate. Plus, the economy isn't their motivation; "saving the planet" is. 

Yes, smart people know a good economy and advanced technology are a net good for the environment, but all my life I've seen people argue the opposite: that everyone needs to live a primitive life, without "unnatural" technology, for the good of the planet.

I love primal and primitive things. I'm not so ignorant as to believe it's better for the planet. I know how it would be a disaster.

He's not the only one who does this trick. It happens a lot. I've probably done it (unintentionally) myself. A claim is made, and instead of addressing that claim, someone comes in and makes a counter-claim that is off-topic, but looks relevant if you weren't paying close attention, then claims a "win" based on this irrelevant point. Sometimes it's so predictable you can almost see it coming-- in fact, I've pre-written responses, just to have them ready when someone inevitably does it.

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Friday, December 30, 2022

"Here, let me do it for you"

Nothing is so enticing as watching someone making an obvious mistake over and over again. The temptation to take over is just about overwhelming.

On my phone I've seen ads for puzzle games where the ad shows someone attempting, and failing, to solve puzzles that look simple. I'll bet the ads are effective-- I find myself aching to show them how it's done. I'm not going to download their game, but I'd be willing to bet a lot of people do, just to solve it "the right way" and end the frustration of watching someone fail over and over.

I've experienced the same effect in real life. If I see a person fumbling with (what I believe is) a simple task, it takes all my willpower to not intervene and do it for them. Maybe they'd even appreciate my help. But until or unless they ask, as long as it's not a life-and-death situation, I've realized it's probably not my place. No one learns if someone else always does it for them-- so you're not really doing them a favor in the long run.

The same goes for people making really bad arguments online. Maybe that's really the best they can do with what they believe to be true. Or, maybe they are just trying to bait you into an argument-- sometimes you have to assume they can't actually believe what they are saying. Stop and think before diving in. If you want to come to someone's defense-- and it seems they'd appreciate your help-- go ahead. You're not going to convince the person making the bad argument, though. If that's your motivation you'd be better off scrolling past.

Don't become a victim of your own helpful instincts by "helping" where you're not really helping.

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

An improvement or a failure?

One thing I did less of in the past year was posting things I thought, but that I knew would create problems if I said them. Is this an improvement or a failure on my part? You should have seen how many things I started writing, but then deleted.

I didn't do it perfectly-- I still posted some thoughts I probably should have kept to myself. At least, judging by the responses.

On the other hand, I'm not really sure that was an improvement

I hate the idea that there are thoughts people keep to themselves to avoid conflict, but I get it. Sometimes I don't feel like dealing with angry responses. Is this how evil ideas are allowed to spread and become something "everyone knows"; people don't feel like speaking out against them because of the response from those who want to push the ideas? 

Does this make me complicit, just to make things easier for myself? Is this something I should continue to strive to do more of or something I should try to stop doing? I don't know.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

A good holiday

Just checking in to say I've had a good Christmas. Lots of time with the extended family, delicious food (and lots of it), games, gifts, and laughs. The tree is already down because...cats.

I hope yours has been good, too. I'll be back tomorrow with my latest ENMN column. Til then...


Sunday, December 25, 2022

US caught up in 'cold civil war'

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 23, 2022)

After World War II the American and Soviet governments entangled themselves in what became known as "the Cold War". They lied about each other (and told some uncomfortable truths), used dirty tricks, and even killed each other's people in ways that didn't quite reach the level to trigger a declaration of war. It wasn't a good situation and only ended-- if it ended-- when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Now I think America is in a cold civil war.

The conflict historically called "the Civil War" wasn't a civil war. Civil war occurs when two factions within a country fight to control the country's government. This wasn't what happened in the 1860s. Instead, a country broke up over irreconcilable differences, with separate governments from that point on. The government of one country decided the other wasn't free to leave and govern itself. Like if Russia declared that Ukraine must be part of Russia again. No one in the Confederate States of America was trying to take over the government of the United States of America. Calling it a civil war is incorrect.

This cold civil war fits the definition better. There are two factions inside America fighting to control one government. The fighting hasn't quite reached the level of open warfare, and I don't think it will.

The anger and distrust on both sides are probably strong enough to trigger war, but the factions are geographically mixed. I'd let big cities secede from the rest of the country so they could finally achieve their democratic socialist Utopia, but there is no Mason-Dixon line which can be drawn on a map.

Elections may be slightly less destructive than open warfare. If you're determined to have a war, I suppose it's the preferable way. The problem is, I don't see a way for this war to be resolved. If either side finally gets a decisive victory, the real violence would probably begin. Is gridlock and endless fighting the only alternative?

Why can't people stop lusting to govern others? You have a right to govern-- to control-- yourself, but there is no such thing as a "right" to govern any other person. Not as an individual, a majority, or by electing politicians to do it on your behalf.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful the war hasn't "gone hot", but is this cold civil war, driving Americans apart over who gets to control whom, the best we can do?
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Merry Christmas!

May your holiday be as satisfying as a warm fireplace on a cold day.

Friday, December 23, 2022

The FBI lies (as usual)

The FBI is, and always has been, a criminal gang. That's not a conspiracy theory, and the unfortunate thing is that their gang hasn't yet been abolished.

They commit actual ethical violations by their very existence-- including with their firearms purchase background checks. Their gang isn't even allowed to exist under the Constitution (if you care about that).

No one needs to discredit them. Their actions have already done that completely, which is why they are known as "the Feral Baby Incinerators". 

If this screenshot is a real quote from the FBI, it just heaps more shame upon them. Giving the public a teaser of the evil routinely committed by the FBI is not "misinformation". This is just another FBI lie.

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Thursday, December 22, 2022

A mite nippy

Much of the country is bracing for a wintery blast. Here on the Llano Estacado, we aren't expecting any precipitation (no, of course not), just high winds (not unusual) and frigid temperatures.

I spent an hour or so this morning making sure I'm prepared. It didn't take much. Mostly I just made things easier for myself to avoid having to do much outside for the next couple of days.

I also worked on getting things ready for the porch cats to be as comfortable as possible. I've done what I can; the rest is up to them.

I kind of enjoy getting ready for interesting weather. Or other natural events. It could be a personality flaw. 

I noticed when I lived in Colorado the coldest week of winter was almost always the week of Christmas. I'll see what the rest of this winter holds. I'd like to place an order for some decent amounts of snow at some point. Send any you don't want to me.

I hope you are ready for whatever this weather system will bring to your area. Always be prepared for the grid to fail, even on boring days, but especially on days when nature is planning to make things difficult for the oblividiots. But since you and I aren't that kind of person, we'll be fine. Responsibility and preparedness rule.

Stay cozy.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Twelve years squandered in gov-schooling

The older I get, the more useless I think my gov-school experience was. The educational things I learned (things I still retain that are useful) are things I would have learned on my own. The rest probably weren't important for me to know long enough to pass a test.

The socialization aspect was almost entirely negative, as well. 

Outside of school, I could choose who I associated with. In school, I was forced to be around those who only saw me as someone to hurt. This isn't necessary and is abusive-- especially if fighting back isn't allowed. Which it isn't, and wasn't when I was in school, either. I got detention for fighting back at some attackers. They got suspended, so they got a vacation. I got the extra punishment of still being forced to be in gov-school and having to stay late every day for three days. My parents thought I got the better end of it; I didn't.

One of the most common justifications for the horrible experience of gov-schooling that I've heard all my life (from those who know school doesn't educate adequately, but still think it's "important") boils down to "Abuse kids when they're young so that they won't be caught off-guard by the abuse they'll experience later in life". Force teens to lose the fight against their biological clocks and circadian rhythm by getting up dangerously early (for them) so they'll be ready to get up early later in life, when it's not so difficult or harmful. It's insane.

I value education, probably more than most fans of gov-schooling ever could. But schooling isn't it. 

Yes, education happens in gov-school because it will happen in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. And I did have a couple of good teachers along the way-- one whose influence you see every day (even though he would probably be disappointed that I didn't "make something of myself").

I know I was different. I wanted to know-- about nearly everything. I didn't care about sports, social stuff, cars, celebrities, popular culture, or popularity. (I probably should have cared a little more about more of those for social reasons-- just so I didn't seem so alien.) I cared about sciency stuff, which is why I loved libraries and doing experiments for myself-- finding answers to my questions by doing experiments that weren't spelled out in a textbook with the expected results (that millions of gov-school inmates had either gotten or not for decades).

I still feel bad for people who don't have that kind of curiosity... and I don't really understand how they don't. Although, I have watched as gov-school has killed the desire to know in some people. I guess I was lucky to keep my curiosity.

I know some people enjoy school. Some people enjoy being whipped. I'm not going to judge; just don't force those who don't want it to be part of it. Don't force others to pay for it, either. Nothing is that important.

Both of my sisters were a better fit in gov-school. They were social and popular and don't understand why anyone would think those institutions are harmful and should be abolished. Both are statists, of course. One has made a career of teaching, and one of her daughters is on a similar path (and is w0ke due to the university's brainwashing).

My opinions on kinderprison-- gov-schooling-- are unpopular in my family. All of whom almost worship schools and many of whom are current or former gov-school employees or administrators. Even they can admit, in unguarded moments, that gov-schools are a failure, but they can't let go. 

I can, and I did.

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Monday, December 19, 2022

Fighting (Christmas tree) entropy

I waited late this year to put up a Christmas tree. Because, cats. I'm hoping the tree makes it until next Sunday, because...cats.

Even as I was putting up the tree, a couple of cats were doing their best to destroy it. The two youngest-- not a surprise. So far Whiskers (a year and a half old) is more enthusiastic about the War on Christmas (Tree) than Kirby (8 1/2 months old). But maybe Kirby just has yet to discover the joys of destruction.

The older cats simply like to admire the tree and nap under it-- which is a good way to get trampled by the youngsters.

A Christmas tree in this house is a lesson in entropy. Every day, several times per day, I have to fix the damage to keep the tree looking sort of good. But by the time I take the tree down it always looks a bit worn and tired.

Liberty also has to be renewed continually. It never wears out as long as you keep exercising it, but the people who value liberty do get worn down by the constant struggle to keep the bad guys out of the branches.

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Libertarians aren't splitting vote

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 16, 2022)

After the election, I saw a few bitter Republicans on social media blaming the failure of Republican candidates to get elected-- the fizzled "red wave"-- on libertarians. It's a silly complaint.

Libertarian candidates don't take votes from Republicans any more than they take votes from Democrats. Most people who vote for Libertarians aren't going to vote for any of the other candidates no matter what.

If I were a voter and I only had a choice between a Republican and a Democrat-- and both advocated policies I couldn't tolerate-- I wouldn't pick the lesser of two evils. I would reject them both, even if there were no Libertarian candidate on the ballot. I would rather stay home than vote for someone I don't like or trust.

No candidate of any party has earned my trust. They all carve exceptions when it comes to protecting liberty from government depredation. Why would I waste effort voting for them? Just because they tell me their opponent will be even worse? Why should I believe them?

If Republicans want libertarians to vote for them, they are going to have to offer better candidates who stand up for liberty. No more of this "If you don't vote for us you're just helping Democrats win".

The same goes for Democrats who want libertarians to vote for their side.

If your candidate is pushing "gun control", drug prohibition, identity politics, a tighter "border", higher taxes on anyone, or more government in any way, I won't waste a vote on that candidate. I fell for this trick back when I was young and gullible, but never again.

If neither candidate is willing to resolutely and loudly reject anti-liberty positions, why would I vote for either one? I'll either vote for the Libertarian or I'll stay home.

Since I don't believe political government is legitimate in any way, no matter who is making the policies, staying home is what I do. You can vote for a new master every few years if it makes you happy, but I won't. Someone will assign a supposed master to me with or without my consent, but it doesn't obligate me to bow down or obey them.

Bad people have always done that sort of thing but I won't help them enslave me.

There's no reason to pretend such a system is inevitable or legitimate. You can't blame the failure of a system on those who see through it.

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Performance or principles?

In recent days I've had more than one person accuse me of "performing" for attention. Spouting libertarian ideas I can't actually believe. Ideas I "know" could never work in the real world. In other words, virtue signaling.

It would be interesting to see one of these accusers actually talk to people who know me in real life and see if I'm expressing values or ideas that I don't believe and don't live.

It's a useful reality check, though.


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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Don't be greedy, there's enough for everyone

Enough what? Hypocrisy.

The very same people now shrieking over those who doxxed "free speech absolutist" Elon Musk getting banned have been having conniptions for weeks (or months) because Musk wouldn't ban those they hate. And these are the same goons who wanted everyone they didn't like to be banned for one nonsensical reason or another.

So, hypocrisy? Sure. But it's not only Elon Musk wallowing in a pool of it.

I'm opposed to banning anyone for any reason, but I can understand the argument for it (I just don't agree). But if you've been advocating banning some people I'm not going to take you seriously when you are upset that someone else has been banned. You look like (and likely are) a fool.

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Friday, December 16, 2022

Not government's job

It is not government's job to keep you safe.

Even if you could change reality and make it government's job, it is utterly incapable of doing this. Any attempt will harm your safety and destroy liberty.

Military adventurism, done with the excuse of making the world "safer" makes you less safe. It endangers you in very real ways.

Anti-gun rules, always "for safety", have the opposite effect.

All the Covid policies eroded your safety.

The TSA is a gang of terrorists infesting airports-- and lusting to expand their terrorism to all other modes of transport if given half a chance. Is it safe to allow yourself to be naked-scanned and groped? Not really.

Police, "laws", prohibition-- ALL of it makes you much less safe.

Complete safety isn't an option. Never, under any circumstance. Striving for total safety, especially if you are using government, is counterproductive.

Besides, liberty is the greatest good. Imaginary safety-- or even real safety, if that were possible-- doesn't come close.

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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Scott Adams-- "narrative poisoning"

Recently, Scott Adams has been discussing what he calls "narrative poisoning". This is what he calls it when those you listen to have poisoned your mind by presenting a skewed one-sided narrative-- such as those who were honestly persuaded by their biased information sources to fear Trump as a Hitler, or to see January 6th as an "insurrection". 

Eventually, it reaches a point where those affected actually can't even see the possibility that they may have been brainwashed. Their fear is real.

Well, government supremacism is also evidence of narrative poisoning, and Scott suffers this affliction all the time.

On his show a couple of days ago, he posed a question he considered a tell for narrative poisoning of those on the political Right. (Of course, he only talks about "the two sides" as though those are the only options.)

He advocated (or brought up) a federal building code. Those who objected did so, he claimed, because of their narrative poisoning. Due to narrative poisoning causing them to automatically think "federal laws are bad" they couldn't see that one (unified, national) "law" is (in his mind) less tyrannical than 50 (individual state) "laws". By his claim, one national building code would be a net improvement; getting rid of 49 laws. 1 - 50 = -49... Supposedly.

I suspect in most cases, building codes are county or city codes rather than "state" level, but this doesn't really change the argument.

As is so often the case, he's wrong and it's because he's blinded by his government supremacism.

What he missed (and it's in the category of thing he always misses) is that while the state's building code might be a hundred pages long (a guess-- I'm not going to research the real number of pages involved), a national building code would undoubtedly be at least ten times longer to cover every possibility and condition in every part of the country; from Maine, to Hawaii, to Louisiana, to Montana, and everywhere in between. 

Also, if I'm building a house, I don't have to comply with every state's (illegitimate) building codes, but only the code enforced by my state's illegitimate bureaucrats. I could be trading a hundred pages of rules for thousands of pages of rules. This is not a net gain for me.

A national building code would probably encompass conditions that aren't going to exist in most places. Where I live now, I don't need to worry about flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, or temperatures 40 below zero. Other places do have to deal with a mix of those conditions. To impose and enforce a national building code would end up meaning I would have to build my house to standards that are absurd for this location. Adding bureaucratic red tape, unnecessary cost, and long delays to the construction. And this would be the case everywhere else, as well.

"Well", you might say, "they could just make the code's details vary by location, depending on the circumstances where you are". Which would just get us back to where we are now.

Government has no business making or enforcing building codes. Let private certification by competing providers come up with the superior analog of building codes and certify the structures (and builders) that are "up to (their) code". Then let buyers choose who to trust. 

Only a government supremacist would believe government can do it better and should be involved in any way.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Loyal to his enemy to the end

An older casual acquaintance of mine died Sunday night. Just days after being put on hospice. He was a Vietnam veteran and apparently had suffered a lot of damage from Agent Orange-- at least that's what he blamed for all his health trouble. The past couple of years were especially rough on him.

Some things made it worse than it had to be. The government directly poisoned him and then the VA subjected him to decades of government (socialized) "healthcare".

In spite of this, he was totally pro-military and pro-government to the end. He only objected to those institutions not being run the way he would have preferred. He had a flagpole in his front yard with Holy Pole Quilt and a POW-MIA flag lit by floodlights at night, being saluted by plywood soldier silhouettes.

I see this as a clear example of Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe you'd rather call it patriotism. RIP Jim.

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Expect pushback

One thing that people seem to have a hard time learning (or remembering) is that if you push someone too hard or too far you shouldn't be surprised when they push back. Because they will.

Look at the current political situation-- it's all pushback, from every side against whoever pushed them too much. Those who feel they've had their rights or their "freedom" limited are pushing back in political ways.

If you treat some people as "less than", don't be surprised when they fight back. Whether their feelings on the matter are justified or not, they'll use their victimhood to gain political power and then use that power against you because of what you've done to them in the past. 

But, if they go too far with their pushback, they shouldn't be surprised when they get pushed back yet again. It's not a pendulum; it's being actively shoved from side to side.

Left-Statist Twitter users are angry that Twitter has started fact-checking them now, along with their opposition. But they were perfectly fine with Twitter actively censoring anyone who wasn't a Left-Statist under the old management. In fact, they denied it was even happening and laughed at anyone who said it was. The situation has changed. They thought they were special and above accountability. They don't like it at all when the shoes are on both feet.

What they call the promotion of "hate speech" (no such thing), "white supremacy", and the Republican Party is simply a slight shift back toward the middle. They are so far Left-Statist that even slowing the plunge toward their side looks to them like a hard turn to the other side. This Red Queen has to run as fast as she can toward the Left to stay in the ever-moving "center". Enough is enough. Unhitch from them and let them run off into the ocean and drown. There's no appeasing them. There's not even any reason to push them-- they'll do it to themselves. Just wait them out.

If Musk ever does end up pushing them too hard (for real, not in their fevered hallucinations) they will push back, justifiably so. Hopefully, as long as they are only imagining a push they won't be able to do any lasting damage. But hallucinations are powerful in those without a foundation of worthwhile principles. So I wouldn't say they have no chance.

If only people would stop trying to govern everyone else. It's OK to share the world with people who have different values-- and I'm speaking to all sides here. What's not OK is trying to legislate other people into slavery that you imagine would be good for you. If you do this, expect pushback. You probably won't enjoy it.


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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Don't base your life on politicians

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 9, 2022)

Why would anyone bother confronting politicians? Do they really believe politicians matter in their daily life?

You protect your rights by exercising them-- by putting them into practice-- not by begging others to respect them.

I'm not going to a politician's office to try to convince them of anything. Not to beg them to stop violating my rights nor to ask them to violate someone else on my behalf.

You won't find me at a protest, a political rally, or in a voting booth for the same reason I'm not going to go to an inner city to beg the violent criminals there to stop hurting innocent people. It's a waste of time and, as shown by January 6, 2021, can be pointlessly dangerous.

Both groups, freelance criminals and politicians-- which I see as clones of each other-- are inconsequential to my life. They don't matter except when they do something to violate me or someone around me, and in that case, they aren't likely to stop simply because I asked nicely. Especially not if I ask them according to the rules and procedures they say must be followed.

The worst type of political action is to ask for the rights of others to be violated through more laws.  It's not smart or ethical and only gives them justification for violating you later. Playing political "an eye for an eye" is how liberty dies.

Politicians and other criminals will only stop violating people if they have no choice. When you ask politely, they have the choice to say "no".

Exercising your rights can be dangerous when there are people out there who mean to stop you. Most worthwhile things carry some risk, and living your life outside political permission is no different. I believe it's worth the risk.

Anyone who attacks you for exercising your rights is the bad guy. It doesn't matter what justification is used or what law they say gives them this power or imaginary political authority. It doesn't matter if they got enough votes to get away with it. They are bad guys with delusions of legitimacy.

Don't base how you live your life on the opinions of those who win elections. Not even if they have the power to hurt you-- this is something any bad guy has the power to do. Don't live your life to appease them. Treat them as though they don't matter, and soon you'll discover they don't.

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Blogger, are you drunk?

Blogger-- the site, not the person-- has developed an odd quirk.

It is suddenly marking comments from years ago as spam. These are comments that were previously published-- I know because when I go to the post, some of them have replies from me. But, now they are awaiting deletion as spam.

I just had a batch of them from 2014 that I had to approve or mark as "not spam".

I don't know what's going on there.

Added: They just keep on coming. Since I started paying attention to the dates, they've all been from 2014. I've been approving all of them. Including those I strongly disagree with.
Oddly, I discovered I was unable to post this as a comment, so maybe their comment code is broken.


Judge the words, not the source.

After my post in support of online anonymity, I heard someone make what seems to me one of the dumbest statements against online anonymity I can imagine.

This person was saying that he automatically discounts everything which comes from anonymous accounts.

Really? Their anonymity renders him incapable of weighing the truth of a statement? That's incredibly dumb and pathetic.

I've said in the past, and I stand by it to this day: it doesn't matter who said something, truth is truth. It's why I don't really care if a supposedly historical quote wasn't really said by the person it is attributed to. If it's true, I'll gladly claim the orphaned quote as my own.

Everyone is capable of saying true, and smart, things. Just give them time.

Hitler said some true things that anyone would agree with if they didn't know the source-- I don't know of any off-hand, and I don't feel like digging for a quote, but I guarantee you it's a fact. Even if it was just "Die meisten Menschen mögen Hunde als Gesellschaft" or "Most people like dogs for companionship" (according to Google translate anyway). 

As hard as it may be to believe, every politician occasionally says something true. Yes, even Maxine Waters must have done so at some point.

Sure, anonymous accounts are as likely to spew nonsense as "real journalists". Don't automatically write them off just because you dislike their anonymity, though. Judge the words, not the source.

If you discount truth because of the source-- because it's one you don't like or because the source prefers to remain anonymous for reasons that are none of your business-- you are shooting yourself in the foot. Or brain. You are handicapping yourself for no good reason-- for your feelings.

That's your choice, of course, but it's not smart.

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

News flash: Democrats and Classical Liberals are Republicans

A "classical liberal" wanted to "prove" I am a Republican by getting me to admit I want the state to enforce my personal opinions. This was in response to something I posted in defense of a classical liberal's post. 

I was responding to someone else saying he can't support libertarians in response to something another classical liberal posted. I pointed out that classical liberals aren't libertarians and that even so, the classical liberal was kinda right.

This attracted a different classical liberal.

He said that classical liberals would call me a Republican. When I said they would be wrong he said anyone who believes the state should enforce their opinion is a Republican. Seriously. He said that. Here's the exact quote: "Should the state enforce your personal opinion? If yes, you are a Republican." 

By his daft-inition, Democrats are Republicans, as are Socialists/Nazis/Communists and every other group that uses politics. Everyone is a Republican-- including classical liberals who advocate for a "night watchman state" (which is kind of their defining characteristic, is it not?).

Yet I didn't call for government to enforce my opinion (if any) on anyone. It wasn't even part of the conversation, he just hallucinated what he wanted to see.

It's a messed up world where you can mix in some politics and lower the IQ of the room. Just another example showing that politics makes people stupid.

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Friday, December 09, 2022

Online anonymity is essential

Jordan Peterson has come out strongly against online anonymity. I understand that he probably gets attacked by anonymous trolls a lot. It's no excuse.

It just shows that everyone is wrong sometimes. Especially when their feelings get involved.

I am in favor of anonymity; no reservations. Even anonymous trolls. 

When there is authoritarianism and tyranny, anonymity is essential. I don't think anyone should be required to martyr themselves to speak the truth.

I was anonymous for the first few years online, and I often wonder if I made a mistake by giving that away-- even though it seemed necessary at the time.

I stand in unqualified support for online anonymity.

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Thursday, December 08, 2022

Probably not your first choice

This pistol was my daily carry gun for several years. Yes, really. Not concealed carry, for obvious reasons.

It wasn't my only carry gun, nor was it my first. 

Certainly, it wasn't the best choice for daily carry. It was a single shot, which is one reason there was a backup gun. It was difficult to wear while driving a car; my car had some wear from contact with it. It was vulnerable to weather conditions, and my accuracy with it was less than spectacular. In normal circumstances, this gun would stick out like a sore thumb.

Surprisingly, that pistol probably wasn't the first thing people noticed when they saw me, though. See how much I've managed to adapt to fit in? I still think this world/society is strange and I can't really adapt any further. Many days, I want to unadapt.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Is it you or your liberty they hate?

If someone hates (or fears) your liberty, I can't help but think that actually hate (or fear) you.

Every day I see people advocating for taking away someone's liberty-- maybe even everyone's liberty (somehow they'll exempt themselves). They strike a savior's pose, but that's not what they are. When you confront them about it, they'll try to change the subject. I can't blame them.

No one wants to believe they are the bad guy-- I've heard people trying to justify the most horrible things and play the hero while doing so. Just listen to cops for a minute if you don't believe me.

These liberty haters may lie and say it's about safety or protecting someone's feelings. But it's about enslaving others. No one is better off if anyone's liberty is violated. Not even those who are scared of you and are afraid you'll exercise your liberty in ways they don't approve of.

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Monday, December 05, 2022

Leave that loser stuff in the past

Back when I was a teenager I could clearly "see" the future when humans lived on Mars. And obviously, I "saw" that Earth governments would assert their absurdly toothless rulership over the Martians. 

It was equally evident to me that the colonies would eventually have to revolt.

I even "saw" the Confederation of Martian Colonies that came after the successful revolution.

Of course, I'd rather they grew out of the childish need to govern each other at all. Not that a confederation would necessarily be a political government of any sort. It could just be a mutual assistance agreement.

When humans finally emigrate from Earth they'll be getting a unique chance to do things right this time. With their origins in the cesspool of politics back on Earth, I'm not too hopeful of the possibilities for most of them, but eventually, someone will do the right thing. Even if it's only one colony out of billions-- at first. It's inevitable, and I hope no one screws it up so a liberated future can begin as soon as possible.

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Sunday, December 04, 2022

Promises of politicians impossible

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 2, 2022)

Politicians are always promising to do things politicians can't do. Either they believe they are magic, or they want you to believe they are.

Sometimes they promise things they can't legally do-- things which violate the Constitution-- and other times they promise to do things which aren't possible within the laws of physics in our Universe. Do they believe you are gullible enough to fall for it? Probably.

Often they promise to violate economic reality, which is nearly as immutable as the laws of physics.

I've seen them promise to cap medication prices. I saw one suggestion that the cap for the price of insulin should be $0. Who did she think would continue to make insulin for free? Who would they enslave to do the work without being paid? Who will they steal the raw ingredients and facility from?

Did she mean everyone except the person getting the insulin will be forced to pay for it? This is usually what politicians mean by "free".

Economic ignorance is common in politicians, but it's not the only domain where they fail.

They are never good with scientific reality, as shown by "Save the planet", "Save the climate". and "End fossil fuels".

The Constitution is a frequent target of their delusions of power. Regardless of what the Constitution allows or forbids, they promise to secure the border.

With zero understanding of human nature, they believe legislation and cruel enforcement can end drug abuse.

They promise to ban an imaginary category of firearms: the "assault weapon". A name they made up so they could put anything they don't like into the meaningless category. It's still a lie, and they've been corrected enough times to know it by now. If they banned everything they label an "assault weapon" it would increase crime in a very real way. Prohibition always does.

The promises they make never end. Fortunately for us, they rarely get fulfilled. To a politician with ambitions to rule, reality is inconvenient to their goals and gets ignored as much as possible. Politicians can choose to ignore reality, but reality won't be cheated. The piper will be paid and gravity will pull them back down.

If you keep falling for political promises, you deserve what you get. My hope is that you'll see through their lies and avoid the pain which comes from trying to cheat reality to get what you want. Magic isn't real, and politicians are never Dumbledore.

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What liberty means to me

I wouldn't write about liberty if it didn't matter to me-- if I didn't have a passion for it. 

Liberty is the key to everything good. Even things you may think are unrelated to liberty. They aren't. 

Without liberty, there's nothing that can't be taken from you. Liberty helps protect your body, your faith, your family, your property, and your life. Anyone who doesn't want you to exercise your liberty to the fullest is not on your side.

There is no legitimate compromise that can be made when liberty is on the table-- it should never be on the table.

You can't give up liberty for the greater good because liberty is the greatest good. Never budge an inch!

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Saturday, December 03, 2022

"Hey, Look at this other shiny thing over here..."

In the hours leading up to the story about Twitter's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story I watched those on the BiDenmocrat side panicking and trying to redirect focus to what Trumpublicans (or those associated with that side) did or might have done.


Yes, yes, all politicians are crooked and everyone associated with them probably is, too. But trying to divert attention from the ethical crimes of those trying hard to protect your guy by pointing out the crimes of someone else's guy probably isn't going to work with anyone who isn't already on your team... or totally apathetic. 

Unfortunately, the Leftstream media is mostly on your team and will be helping hide the truth. Again. This is how this situation was created in the first place-- so I guess you didn't learn. Or maybe you did learn that it works well enough. (I would count all their work on behalf of Biden as a campaign contribution, because it is one.)

To me, your panic mode makes it look more like you think Daddy Joe "The Big Guy" Biden is guilty than if you just shut your yaps. 

Let the info on Twitter's suppression of the laptop news come out and take your lumps. This is about Twitter's dishonest behavior, not about the Biden family's crimes, anyway. And, it seems like Twitter's BiDenmocrat partisans thought the Bidens did something they needed to help hide, whether or not that is what happened.

If you think anyone other than your team is going to decide to care more about old news than current events... well, since politics makes people stupid, you might be right. Nothing will really change, anyway (I would love to be proven wrong about that).

Watching the reactions on Twitter for a couple of hours shows one thing: this is a perfect example of people seeing what they want to see. Maybe what they are primed to see. 

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Friday, December 02, 2022

Be aware, not w0ke

Being "woke", or as I prefer to spell it, "w0ke", seems a rather low bar. As long as you aren't actually unconscious, I suppose you are awake-- "w0ke".

I prefer being aware to being merely "w0ke".

Fictional zombies are minimally awake but aren't aware. Not on any mental level beyond instinct. Most of the political w0ke seem about the same-- which is why I sometimes refer to them as xombies.

Most of these xombies would argue that being w0ke means they are aware. They are mistaken. I'm certain they probably feel they are aware. They mistake the feeling of awareness for awareness.

It's not that they are always automatically wrong about everything. It is good to rise above silly things like racism, sexism, nationalism, etc. That is a sign that you may be aware, but if you dive too deep you'll lose awareness and replace it with w0keness, and that's a giant step backward.

Most w0keness will advocate violating liberty in some way; often in multiple major ways. The w0ke might claim they don't trust the state or corporations, but then they are thrilled when the state/corporation imposes their w0ke policies. Often they encourage the state and the quasi-state (corporations) to impose and enforce their w0ke agenda under threat of violence or cancellation. 

This demonstrates a lack of awareness of the consequences they are setting in motion. Which isn't exactly surprising. W0ke people seem the least aware of anyone, or at least equally unaware as the political reactionaries who oppose them with their own anti-liberty political agenda. Politics makes people stupid, after all.

Be aware, not w0ke.

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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Getting comfortable in your chains

When I lived in Colorado I noticed that I burned as much firewood before Thanksgiving as I did the entire rest of the season. Once I got used to the colder weather I didn't need as much firewood to stay comfortable.

Your comfort level adapts to the circumstances. That's great for some things, but...

I never want to get comfortable enough with tyrants trying to violate my rights that I don't resist by living free in spite of them.

This is what I see from people who live in some other countries (or states, even). They've gotten too comfortable with being violated, and they get mad when others don't accept the same violations. They do all they can to convince you to accept what they've accepted.

It's just not going to happen.

If they are content with their situation, that's fine for them. Not for me. 

I value liberty above everything, so I'm not going to willingly give it away in exchange for convenience, comfort, or "safety". Not "for the children", because I know the children would benefit more from liberty than from your pretend safety. No argument will make any difference to me. I can't be "shamed" into accepting the chains you offer. I'm not getting on that bandwagon. Go in peace, but go.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Unsolicited Hollywood advice

As a little bonus, I decided to wade in where I have no experience and am probably unwelcome. I'm going to give Hollywood some advice.

No, not the kind they really need, about dropping w0keness like a red-hot coal, but about a missed creative opportunity.

I always liked the Addams Family. I liked the comics when I saw them (which wasn't often) and I really liked the old TV series. I always thought they were much better than the Munsters (which seemed like it was trying too hard). The Netflix series Wednesday is also mildly amusing.

The movies from the '90s were OK, but not great. One thing I think they screwed up on was by portraying Thing as just a severed hand. The new Netflix series fell into the same lack of creativity by copying this vision of Thing. Too bad.

In the TV series Thing had some arm attached and didn't end at the wrist. So being a severed hand just didn't work for me. I get that it required Thing to move like a spider in order to get around, which I suppose is creepy for some people, but it didn't add anything to the character. In fact, it kind of took away some of Thing's potential-- I mean, everyone can visualize a simple severed hand. Even a severed hand crawling around with a mind of its own. That movie trope has been done to death.

So I drew how I would have designed the character instead, even including a couple of possible variations. 


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