Thursday, October 08, 2020

How not to solve problems

My nature is such that I simply can't see government as a solution to anything. This puts me at odds with most of the rest of my species.

Yes, I think "social media" has become a horror. This doesn't mean I want government to regulate it; it means I think people who don't like it (or are too dumb to know not to take it at face value) should probably stop using it.

The same is true of so many other things I don't like. 

Litter/pollution, scammers, sexual predators, abortion, animal cruelty, Hillary Clinton, poverty, drug abuse, pandemics, crime, and all manner of awful things.

I may hate them, but that doesn't mean I want government to step in. Look how often that has the opposite effect anyway; making the original problem worse-- or at least not solving it-- while also creating a host of new problems that never would have existed otherwise (anti-gun legislation being a perfect example).

And even if government intervention doesn't make this specific problem worse this particular time, it only means you got lucky for once. You may have dodged a bullet this time; it doesn't mean you'll be so lucky next time. Leave government out of the loop if you know what's good for you and for society. Plus, it's the only ethical option.


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