Monday, February 24, 2020

Corporation- the definition

Corporations-- a Frankenstein's monster created by stitching together political government and businesses.

Corporations are the key feature of the economic system corporatism; also known as fascism, a "public/private partnership", or "crony capitalism".

Corporatism is not capitalism* and the two systems can't coexist. Where political government exists, capitalism can't.

Corporatism uses government and its legislation to manipulate and destroy the market; to prop up government-sanctioned monopolies (the only kind that can exist for long) and to prevent competition. Government uses corporations to finance rights violations and to manipulate the people, but with plausible deniability. Corporations are government and government is corporations.

Calls to raise "taxes" on corporations are a sign of economic ignorance.

*Capitalism is the market-- business regulated by "the invisible hand"; the aggregate actions of every individual choice. It has everything to do with society and nothing to do with the State.


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