Friday, July 30, 2021

That's not fear

It's odd how everything related to dislike, or even just a preference that doesn't include something, has been relabeled as "fear".

If you dislike injections, it's not just a dislike for needles, it's called a "fear of needles".
And if you don't see the need for a "vaccine", so you decide not to get it, people will declare you suffer from a "fear of the vaccine".

If you don't want to participate in certain things, it's called "homophobia" or "transphobia" (the accurate definitions of those words would be "fear of the same" and "fear of crossing/beyond").

If you distrust political government, you don't necessarily fear it. You might just dislike (or hate) it. You might also fear it, but while that may be related, it's not the same thing.

If you don't like vanilla ice cream-- if it's just not your favorite flavor-- does this expose your "fear of ice cream"? Or of vanilla?

I don't like watermelon; am I Cucurbitaceaeophobic? No. That's all just dumb.

You can dislike, or just not love, something without being afraid of it.

Understand, I'm not even talking about using force to stop others from doing anything. Just a personal preference that doesn't include certain things. No fear.

But "fear", or better yet-- "phobia", is catchy. It makes something sound like a mental problem when it may only be a preference. Some over-the-top hatred might be a mental problem, but hatred isn't fear or a phobia.

Why are these words used in this dishonest way? Well, those who screw with the words that are used can screw with your mind. Why might they be doing this to you? Are they afraid of letting you think honestly?


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