Saturday, December 30, 2023

Ready for America to be free again

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 26, 2023)

How long has it been since you heard someone say "It's a free country"? I used to hear it almost every day. I haven't heard anyone say this for years now. Another thing people no longer say is "This mammoth steak is delicious". No one says either phrase anymore for the same reason. No one is eating mammoth steaks and America isn't a free country.

Sure, if all you want to do is agree with government opinions and be obedient to its edicts, you're still free. A slave is completely free if he wants to be enslaved. This isn't what I want. I want more.

See how free you are, or remain, if you have a difference of opinion with government. Or if you simply won't accept and repeat its lies. The political prisoners of the January 6th protest discovered how unfree America has become. I wasn't surprised. Were they?

The single purpose of Congress is to make up legislation, each word of which chips away a little more of your freedom. If you establish a system explicitly designed to destroy freedom, how long until you have no freedom left?

Can you name anything not regulated by a large number of government rules? I can't think of a single thing. That's not freedom. Even with rules applied to everything, additional rules are constantly piled on top of those already imposed.

What sort of sick person would think this is any type of freedom?
"Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do." ~ former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani, March 1994

No, Rudy. You couldn't be more wrong. That's authoritarianism-- the opposite of freedom. You either don't understand freedom or you were lying for political reasons.

Freedom is doing anything you want. This is why freedom needs to be tempered with responsibility to result in liberty, not crushed by political authority.

The late author L. Neil Smith had proposed a moratorium on new legislation to last one hundred years; the only thing Congress would be allowed to do in the meantime is abolish laws. It's a good start.

I'm ready for America to be free again; to hear people say "It's a free country" and mean it.
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Friday, December 29, 2023

His claim falls flat

I saw a quote from a “conservative” spokesthing saying that “undecideds” are destroying the country from within.

Of course, his solution is for them all to join his cult.

It must truly suck to be that dishonest or clueless.

I’m not “undecided”; I consciously rejected his kind years ago. I decided. 

It is those like him— political archators— who are destroying everything. I reject them. I choose liberty and ethical behavior instead.

He will never talk me into being like him. He can’t shame me into being evil— as if that’s even a thing. Those who reject his backwardness aren’t the problem. 

I see him and those like him, of any political cult, as the real problem. He’s a loser.

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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Accept the solution

It bothers me when people complain to me about a problem, I give them a solution, they don’t like the solution so they ignore it and continue complaining about the problem they now know the solution to. 

If I repeat the solution every time they complain I’m the one who sounds like a broken record. So I don’t. And the complaining continues.

One example I see in my life over and over: someone is driving when the sun is low in the sky and complaining about the sun in their eyes. The sun visor can't be adjusted well enough to shade the eyes without blocking the view too much. I point out that wearing a hat with a brim allows one to subconsciously tilt the head to shade the eyes without blocking the view. But Driver doesn't like hats, so won't listen. The complaining continues for YEARS. The known solution isn't acceptable, but the problem is?

It's not only individuals, but "society" that does this. 

Respecting liberty can solve most problems-- it is already demonstrated. But most people don't want to give up certain things (control, political positions, beloved programs, etc.), so they only want disjointed pieces of liberty that don't offend them. 

It doesn't work like that! So, they'll keep grasping at things they already know won't work and complaining that they don't work because not everyone is on board with the designed failure.

If someone offers an easy, reasonable free solution, but you don't like it, at least stop complaining and suck it up.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A warning from an enemy

Klaus Schwab— “You have this anti-system movement…There is of course an anti-system which is called libertarianism. Which means to tear down everything which creates some kind of influence of government into private lives.” (link)

Schwab is an evil loser every bit as much as any mass shooter or freelance terrorist. He just uses politics as his "assault weapon".

If a system is based on archation-- which his system is-- it needs to be dismantled and opposed. It doesn't need to be fixed. It needs to be torn down. Destroyed forever and salt poured upon the ruins.

Those who want government to have any influence in your private life are your enemy. They are pro-slavery. They are evil. Klaus is a lot of things, but none of them in any way good or benevolent.

He has laid out his plans for you. You've been warned. Are you going to believe him, or give him the benefit of the doubt?
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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Trip to the urologist

I had the ureteral stent removed this morning (Tuesday, Dec. 26). So, it wasn't in my urethra where the scar tissue is, after all.

It was painful, but I feel a lot better now. Finally. So, the kidney stone saga is over, and no one said anything about more stones lurking like they did last time. I hope I don't ever have another one.

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Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!

 I hope your day is filled with love and peace.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Government is always the enemy

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 19, 2023)

If you aren’t against the institution of government yet, you will be. If you're still taking government's side, you haven't realized government considers you the enemy, and treats you as such. Actual criminals and terrorists are not government's top concern or seen as a real threat-- you and your liberty are, and have been far longer than you'd be comfortable admitting.

Just look at a couple of things the omnipotent State has planned for your future: car shutoff switches and digital dollars which can be turned off. Government will hold the keys to both. The plan is for you to be unable to go anywhere or do anything without government's permission since you are assumed to be a criminal who simply hasn't been caught yet.

Do you have an opinion government doesn't like? Your car may be disabled and all your money turned off or transferred to the government's treasury. They'll say this is to keep everyone safe. The national mainstream media corporations will approve, and public opinion will be against you.

I'm sure this power would never be used against someone just for expressing an opinion against whichever crooks are in power at the moment. Just ask the political prisoners of "January 6th".

Car companies and banks who push for this change are helping the wrong side. They are choosing to align with those who want everyone equally enslaved-- "equity" and "inclusion".

Others who comply quickly, without dragging their feet or monkeywrenching the plans of the supervillains in power are choosing sides against you and your rights. I understand government already has them over a barrel and it's dangerous to resist-- licenses can be revoked-- but it would be the right thing to do. Will any have the fortitude to do the right thing? Time will tell.

Of course, government also plans to do whatever it can to make sure you are unable to effectively defend yourself from its gang or from freelance bad guys. Expect more calls for "gun control", and more convenient mass murders by evil losers on medication who are "known to law enforcement".

Those who say any of this is for your own good or for safety are your arch-enemy.

In the meantime, prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to be an outcast with a low social credit score. Or, choose to stand against liberty and all that America was founded to protect by siding with overbearing, authoritarian government.
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Back when I used to v*te

Back when I used to v*te it made no positive difference. 

If the candidate I didn’t v*te for won, I hated the things they did with their power. 

If the candidate I v*ted for won, I hated what they did when they inevitably stabbed me in the back.

Either way, I always lost. Liberty always lost. It always made me feel bad, like I’d been scammed— because I had been.

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Friday, December 22, 2023

Rigging the next election in plain sight

Keeping Trump off the ballot in certain states is rigging the election. They are proving him right. 

Is this really what they want to do? 

Are they so desperate to “win” by any means they don’t care if everyone sees what they are doing?

I guess they don’t care too much about “our democracy” after all.

Welcome to the party, Pal.

Politics makes people stupid

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Justifying The State

I've never figured out why I'm supposed to be impressed-- much less convinced-- when someone is able to make an intellectual argument for the state

People have been making intellectual arguments in favor of all types of slavery for as long as they felt the need to justify it. 

The reason they have felt the need to justify it is the deep-seated (perhaps subconscious) awareness that it's wrong. Appreciate their confession.

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Monday, December 18, 2023

Life's bumps and potholes

With the surgery coming up on Wednesday (unless I can squeeze out the kidney stone before then), I feel less Christmassy than ever before. Or, at least it's tied with my horrible Christmas in 2003. That Christmas lowered my expectations forever.

I've also had a hard time focusing on writing. 

Which brings me to a favor I'd like to ask: Are there any topics or issues you'd like me to address? If so, either put them in a comment or email me and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, I may just make fun of anti-gun bigots some more.

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Thank you.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Liberty essential, worth fighting for

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 12, 2023)

All sides that don't prioritize liberty are the same.

Excuses don't matter. If you're angry about the other side doing something which violates liberty, but you justify your side violating liberty in some other way, you're not helping.

It's not Democrat vs. Republican, nor "Left vs. "Right". It comes down to liberty vs slavery. It may be "slavery-light" instead of what you've been trained to consider slavery, but is gentle slavery better?

Most people are so motivated to find ways to keep others under control they'll sacrifice their own liberty to the cause.

If you really want the liberty to live your faith, but are willing to use the violence of government to prevent people of another faith from doing the same, don't whine when the tables are turned. And the tables will turn-- just wait.

When one political side uses government against those trying to move freely from place to place, to ingest what they choose, or to love who they love, they are every bit as much the enemy of liberty as the political side looking to criminalize the tools of defense, censor, or portray a segment of the population as "colonizers". Both are the enemy of humanity.

Cars, guns, words, and beliefs can all be misused to hurt or kill innocent people. If you want to punish the innocent for the misdeeds of others, you are setting a pattern which will be used against you. If not next year, then soon. There is no excuse to ban anything or to allow government to control anything.

Government is used to kill more people than all the lesser dangers combined, yet I wouldn't use something like government legislation to ban government. I can't imagine anything sillier. There is no way to use government correctly-- every use is a misuse. Instead I would defend myself from those using government against individuals, and encourage others to do the same. There will always be bad people doing bad things. It is up to each of us to fight back.

Regardless of what those addicted to control will say, liberty is essential to the survival of our species. Is it safe? No. Life never is. Is the risk worth it? Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, it is.

Like Thomas Jefferson, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it." Liberty is worth fighting for.

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Friday, December 15, 2023


People can be guided by truth and they can be misguided by ignorance (guess which one seems most prevalent). Often at the same time. That's why there are still DemoCRAPublicans.

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

"Libertarian" politicians?

The other day my dad texted me about the new Argentinian president. Saying they had sworn in a "libertine"* president. I'm pretty sure he meant "libertarian".

I'm skeptical of politicians whom anyone labels as "libertarian" because I've seen how rarely it pans out.

The media, which always lies, calls Argentina's new president "libertarian", or "far-right libertarian". Which is it?... because it can't be both. Not as a politician, anyway.

Politics is about how you interact with the outside world when you have power. You are either libertarian or you're not. You could have inner thoughts that were "far-right" or socialist, and as long as all your actions respected everyone's equal and identical rights you'd be libertarian. Despite your inner thoughts and preferences. 

I have preferences that are "conservative" and others that are "liberal", but only where those labels align with respecting basic rights. I'm not going to send government after (or otherwise attack) you just because I don't like something you do. As long as you aren't violating anyone else, whether I like what you do or not isn't of any consequence.

But if, as a politician, you implement policies that don't respect human rights, then you might just be "far-right" or socialist or something else, but it's something other than libertarian. Actions speak louder than labels.


*Libertines seek pure freedom. Libertarians are founded on liberty

There may be some overlap, but not as much as some want you to believe.

If I were a libertine, I would either be much happier or much less happy, depending on how insurmountable the obstacles were.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Plain truth from old television

“A weapon? No, only an instrument. Neither good nor evil until men put it to use. And then, like so many of man’s inventions, it can be used either to save lives, or destroy them.” ~ The Outer Limits— The Human Factor.

Why do so few people understand this today? I think the answer is as simple as this: their minds have been poisoned by politics. We're going to have to survive in spite of them.

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Monday, December 11, 2023

Did Ellis survive Nakatomi?

I was watching Die Hard a few days ago and was struck by the similarity between Ellis and Gavin Newsom. Those “smiles”! Ick!

Newsom is more reptilian, though. 

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Saturday, December 09, 2023

Don't be confused: Government has no rights

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 5, 2023)

When government clearly goes too far, someone may ask whether or not government has the right to do what it did.

The honest answer is always "no".

Government has no rights. It's not that government has no extra rights; government has no rights of any kind.

Individuals who work for government have rights. They have the same rights anyone else has. Rights equal and identical to the rights everyone else enjoys, but no more. These individuals don't magically get extra rights made up out of thin air because they work for government or wear a badge. If they have the right to do something, so do you. If you have no right to do something, they also don't have this right.

Government really hopes you forget I said this, or that you don't believe me. It's one hundred percent true, though.

All rights are individual rights. They are never collective; collective rights don't exist. A group has no rights beyond those each and every individual has. Rights don't multiply or expand when individuals join together. Since government is a collective-- a group-- it has no rights of its own. It never did, it never will, and it never can.

Even if you want government to do something you know you wouldn't have the right to do on your own, it's not possible. You can't give government the right to do something you don't have the right to do. You can't delegate rights you don't possess.

What government has is power. The power to do things it has no right to do. Things those working for government or calling themselves government have no right to do. And the power to get away with it. Doing something they have no right to do is a way to know someone is committing evil.

Government has no right to tax you, it has the power to steal your property and call it a "tax", and when it does this it is doing wrong. It doesn't matter if government couldn't function without the power to tax. Anything which relies on someone's power to do wrong shouldn't be done at all. It doesn't matter how many have been fooled into believing it is necessary.

For this reason, even when government does something each of us has the right to do, it does it wrong by funding it with stolen money. This is how to turn a right into a wrong: do it through government.

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Friday, December 08, 2023

Missed me?

I’m still around. I thought I had a couple of blog posts set to automatically post, but I didn’t. I’m sorry.

Between the ongoing vision problems and the kidney stone I haven’t been at the computer and haven’t written anything. I haven’t had the energy.

My surgery is scheduled for December 20, unless I pass the stone before then. The urologist thinks it’s possible but unlikely, especially due to the stricture in my urethra. TMI, I know.

The pain hasn’t been too bad. A heating pad and pain pills have managed it pretty well. And I’ve been napping a lot. I’m drained.

So that’s where I am.


Wednesday, December 06, 2023

This year has sucked

I’m on my way home from the ER. 

Suddenly, at 2:30 yesterday afternoon, the kidney stone I’ve known about since February 2015 decided to start moving. I just had time to tell my daughter what was happening before I collapsed in pain, unable to make any further intelligible sounds.

My parents came over and scraped me off the floor and took me to the hospital 30 miles away- I felt every bump on the road.

They kept me overnight for pain management and I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow to have the kidney stone removed since it’s too large to pass. I’m dreading that due to my urethra problem.

The pain medication prescription disaster (there are less polite phrases that come to mind) last night makes me hate government even more intensely. I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud to my doctor…but I was medicated. She was angry about it too.

I’m still here and if I have any posts scheduled they’ll show up as usual until I’m off the pain meds.


When the scheme doesn't work

Many people and businesses rely on government handouts. This is dangerous, but I understand why they do it. I also understand why government likes to hand out as much money as it can steal or counterfeit.

Government hands out money so it can control the recipient. 

I get a bit of a salacious thrill when that scheme doesn’t work. 

I'll always believe there's a danger in accepting anything from The State, but it's not up to me to tell others what risks they should take. 

And when I see someone using their handout in government-non-approved ways, it brings a smile to my face.

I heard of many cases of people using "stimulus" checks for guns, ammo, prepping supplies, or other things back during that era. That's just one example; I can think of many more. 

Occasionally, you'll even see a corporation biting the hand that feeds it-- usually in a small way. But it's something and I'll celebrate the little victories when I see them.

So the next time government forces some money into your hand, at least use it to undermine The State. It's kinda your duty.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Political government in a nutshell

Call it a "representative republic", a "constitutional republic", or a "democracy". The outcome is the same: Stupid people v*te for evil people to rule them and their neighbors with legislation.

And anyone imagines this is a good system?

You can wish that the truth would be otherwise: that wise, well-meaning, and informed people v*te for wise, well-meaning, and intelligent people to administer the power of a legitimate institution to guide society in the right direction and protect the rights of the individual. Yeah, that has never been the reality in the history of political government. 

Wise, well-meaning, informed, and intelligent people are vastly outnumbered, and political office attracts the worst of the worst, and selects for the worst among them. Plus, the system is rigged from top to bottom.

If every congressvermin were replaced with a clone of George Santos it would be a vast improvement over the current situation.

You can wish the truth weren't true all day long for the rest of your life. Wishes don't change reality.

Political government is a disaster and always has been. Even when people close their eyes to the truth and say there isn't any good alternative. Doing nothing is better than continuing to do the wrong thing. Scrap it all.

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Monday, December 04, 2023

Bad guys and their assault prose


Political criminals made up the dishonest phrase “assault weapon” to use as justification for enslaving you and me to their whims.

I can counter by using the honest phrase “assault prose” for their evil, arbitrary rights-violating legislation

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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Don't trust government with what matters

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 29, 2023)

I could never be talked into sending my daughter on a cross-country trip with a stranger. Or worse, with an acquaintance I couldn't trust because of a history of dangerous or unethical behavior. If I did, and something tragic happened, how could I live with the guilt? I know better.

For this same reason, I would never entrust anything I value to government's control. Government has a history, stretching back thousands of years, of dangerous and unethical behavior. I can't trust it and am shocked at anyone who seems to. You may as well hand your child off to a junkie driving a stolen car.

Being under the influence of political authority-- government-- is worse than being under the influence of any chemical intoxicant such as drugs or alcohol.

Anything that matters-- science, the economy, security, safety, health, education, food supplies, and more-- is something I can't trust government to have control or influence over.

I want everything I love kept beyond the reach of government, but this doesn't mean I want government to meddle in things I'm opposed to or not interested in. Someone values those things and I'm not petty.

Space exploration thrills me. The worst situation possible for this essential endeavor is to allow government to license and regulate it.

Wildlife and wilderness; pets; firearms and self-defense-- they'd all be better off separated from government's "help".

Justice is nearly impossible with government courts. They dole out a weak substitute-- punishment-- without distinguishing between mala in se (actual crimes with individual victims) and mala prohibitum ("illegal" because government says so, although there is no individual victim).

I can't think of a single thing I value which needs government involvement; anything I would entrust to government. This goes triple for liberty.

Governments have proven over and over again that they can't be trusted to protect the rights or the liberty of those they rule. They invariably become the worst threat to the liberty of those they are tasked with protecting.

Constitutions haven't worked; even when explicitly listing rights government is not allowed to touch. Politicians find excuses, and the people have no real power to do anything substantive about it. So they vote, instead. Some even side with government, begging it to violate natural human rights they don't like. It's a failed system.

Why would I ever trust government, something I know to be completely untrustworthy, with anyone or anything I love?
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Thankless jobs?

There's probably no such thing as a truly "thankless" job.

If you're getting paid, you're getting thanks

If you expect additional thanks on top of being paid, maybe you're asking for too much.

Even worthless "jobs" like those the pathetic BATFEces thugs do, are paid. Even though their "job" is a negative for society. I'd rather they be charged than paid. But political crooks thank them for harming society by paying them. Yet, I've heard (from a relative of one) of them whining that they aren't appreciated enough. They have no clue.

Maybe if you do hard volunteer work, and no one cares that you are making the world a better place, you might argue that you have a thankless job. (But is it a job in that case?) Otherwise, appreciate whatever form the thanks takes. Don't be greedy.

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Friday, December 01, 2023

Archation culture

Some cultures are based on archation. I don't like or support those cultures.

Police (and other gang) culture, cultures that are overtly political, and any culture that calls for the destruction of "others" are all based on archation. They are not a net positive for the world.

You get what you dish out. It's often called self-defense.

If you are part of one of those archation-based cultures and anyone encourages others to fight back against your initiated violence or property violations you really can't complain. Or, I guess you can, but I won't take your complaints seriously because you're asking for it with what you dispense or support. My sympathy is going to be greatly limited by what you do.

A robber who gets killed in the act of mugging someone has reaped what he was sowing. Good.
Gang-bangers who get shot when they've spent years putting others in peril with their acts of aggression aren't going to get a tear from my eye. 
I don't care about a cop killed "in the line of duty" when that "duty" involves violating the rights of people on a daily basis. Live by archation; die by archation.
The same goes for politicians who've spent decades imposing legislation designed to crush liberty. Good riddance to smelly garbage!
If you're a member of a cultural group known for killing anyone who isn't a member of your in group, don't be too surprised when I'm not enthusiastic in my condemnation of anyone who decides to strike back. Even if I don't support the way they strike back. You chose sides and you chose poorly. You chose a culture of archation over cooperation and mutual respect, so how can you demand cooperation and respect?

I don't support archation culture, and I am not sympathetic when its bloody chickens come home to roost.

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