Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Life on the border

Cars with Texas slave-plates are suddenly unwelcome in New Mexico due to "The Corona". Armed and masked state police are now stopping cars and asking why the occupants are coming into New Mexico.

That's not a huge problem for people who don't have to cross imaginary government lines routinely and who imagine that cops are not a criminal gang, but living on the border like I do makes it a problem for me. I'm less than 7 blocks on the Texas side of the line.

I avoid badge-thugs of any variety if at all possible, so I don't really feel like risking an encounter. Any encounter with a cop is a mortal threat. But everywhere I go on a regular basis is on the New Mexico side of the line. This small town doesn't have many businesses-- there are some real gaps. The closest stuff in Texas is much farther from me than the closest stuff in New Mexico.

But it looks like I'm going to have to deal with the added expense and inconvenience of doing all my business in Texas, since the New Mexico political gang has declared me and others unwelcome on their side of the imaginary line.

Government-- making life harder and more expensive since at least 3000 BC.


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