Thursday, March 02, 2017

Finding scapegoats

It is so much easier to blame someone else than to take responsibility for your own screw ups.

Government and "laws" create drug problems and the gang violence that goes hand-in-hand with prohibition. So statists blame Mexican drug gangs. And gullible people buy it.

Government and "laws" make it safe for thugs to prey on a disarmed victim pool. So statists blame guns and foreigners. And gullible people buy it.

Government and "laws" ruin the economy. So statists blame "illegal immigrants" for "taking our jobs" and call for tariffs and trade barriers. Conversely, government's welfare scam robs people of their rightful money, also ruining the economy, and statists blame "illegals" for using the handouts instead of working. And gullible people buy it.

"Immigrants" are an easy scapegoat, and "borders" are a knee-jerk response. So statists grasp and clamor to be rescued. And government uses them.

Government and "laws" screw things up and offer a "solution" to those willing to use them to violate others. And gullible people buy it.


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