Thursday, November 18, 2021

The barbarism of the Branch Covidians

Someone I know made a stupid TikTok video (aren't they all?) with the song "Take this mask and shove it", and the comments were overwhelmingly negative. Most were along the lines of "I hope you catch Covid and die" (some hoping her child dies of Covid, too), and others were more focused on hating Texas and the Texas governor.

She deleted them all. 

I would have left them and ridiculed all the superstitious commenters. I would have laughed at their religion and its unscientific belief requirements. But this is because I don't ever delete comments (other than those from spammers, but those don't count). The only comment I ever intentionally deleted was one where the commenter threw a fit and demanded I delete his comment immediately. And I once accidentally deleted a comment when I was trying to read it from my phone.

The crazed, frothing hatred from the Branch Covidians is insane. And seems to be growing as their "pandemic" narrative fades. (The pandemic is over; it's now endemic and just something to live with. Note I said "live with", not "continue to panic about".)

Even a prepper blog I read has gone over to the crazy side. He basically sees Covid as an existential threat and he believes all the government's numbers and claims about it. Remember, if two people are in a room and one of them sees a unicorn in the room and the other doesn't, the one who sees the unicorn is probably the one who's hallucinating. In fact, the same is true even if the animal in question is only a zebra.  Or a horse.

Opposing mandates isn't the same as trying to forbid you from getting a "vaccine" or wearing a mask. Do what you feel is best. But the Branch Covidians are trying to convince you it is the same. And they want you to know they feel you are a murderer for opposing mandates. All over a silly overreaction to a virus. Some people don't even believe the virus exists.

I doubt it's all made up-- I think there probably is a new variety of cold virus out there, but I have no proof and no way to know without taking someone else's word. But I know for sure that the way the Branch Covidians-- in and out of political power-- are behaving about it is wrong. They are becoming barbarians. Make sure it doesn't end the way they'd prefer.


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