Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Some people are... what's the word?

You just can't protect people from themselves. Some people seem determined to do stupid things. You can give them tools to protect themselves from their own inclinations, but they won't use them. Then they'll be angry when you don't (or can't) drop everything and come rescue them from a situation you've done all you can to help them prevent, but they didn't do anything to avoid.

There's one person in my life who is this way, and no matter how I work to make it so that this person doesn't get into these situations, my efforts are pointless. 

Not only that, when something along these lines happens, it's somehow my fault. "You know I..." ...do this thing I've told them over and over again is a bad idea. But they do it anyway and get angry if I warn against doing it, and get mad at me when the thing I've warned against happens-- as it always does. And Heaven help me if I mention this after it happens!

I know part of it is that this person likes to disrupt the lives of others. It makes them the center of attention. It may not even be a conscious thing. They are also the least self-aware person I've ever met.

They are simply a garden-variety statist-- the standard statist irresponsibility and all that.

It's just a frustrating thing.

I must remind myself "Be like water. Flow around the obstacles."


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