Monday, October 14, 2013

Libertarian badassery

I believe it's already "badass" to be libertarian, but others may not quite see it that way.  So what would libertarian badassery look like?

First, there would be adherence to the Zero Aggression Principle- that part is non-negotiable- but beyond that would be a determination to not stand for any violations of non-aggression in your presence.  An effective knight in shining armor for anyone around who is being violated by an aggressor or thief.

Next would be a determination to not violate property rights of others in any way.  The ZAP is essential, but not sufficient.

However, both the above should always be tempered with the wisdom to know that while you don't have a right to initiate force nor to trespass, you must do what you think you need to do in the present situation and accept the consequences that come when you step beyond your bounds.  This means that if you see a kid about to be hit by a falling tree on someone else's property, you go ahead and boldly trespass and grab the kid and then accept the consequences of your actions, whatever they may be.  Let others second-guess and criticize.

There would also be the confidence to do what you know you have a right to do regardless of any "laws" to the contrary, but combined with the wisdom to pick your battles.  Don't martyr yourself unnecessarily or in a wasteful manner.  If you get caught up in the State's "system" due to doing right and good things they forbid- or failing to do stupid and wrong things they mandate- have a decision already made concerning how you will respond to that possibility.  Submit or fight as you see fit, not as others would tell you to do.  Either strategy can be the right course, and whichever you choose will be criticized by those not in your shoes.

Then, and I hate to say it, would be the incorporation of an inner strength to not preach at statists.  A quiet confidence that "thugs will be thugs", and yapping about it to them isn't likely to change their nature.

Yeah, that's not me, either.