Friday, October 12, 2018

Dishonesty and double standards

There's a mistake I run into a lot, in completely unrelated places. People labeling non-governmental aggression as "anarchy". And only non-governmental aggression.

Aggression isn't anarchy; it is archation. It's unrelated to anarchy.

Aggression is aggression, and it doesn't matter whether it is freelance or justified by "law". You have no right to commit aggression or other forms of archation. Period. Nothing can create that imaginary right.

If there is looting after a hurricane or after a sportsballing ritual, that's not anarchy. It is archation.

If a cop "arrests" a person at a checkpoint for "drug possession" or for having a gun, that's aggression resulting in a kidnapping. Nothing can make it right. Not your fear, not "laws", and not "safety". This is every bit as much archation as the looting. But even worse.

If one were "anarchy", the other would also be "anarchy"-- but neither is. They are archation.

Aggression performed by freelance idiots isn't somehow worse than aggression committed by armed government employee idiots. Archation isn't made better or worse depending on whether a "law" allows it or not.

Is this dishonesty, or a double standard, or is it both?


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