Tuesday, July 12, 2022

I'm in favor of the whole public swarming all parts of the Capitol (and every other government building) all day every day. There should be no doors to close, and no security, at any government facility.
Your objections are duly noted and dismissed.

Health mystery update

(part 1part 2part 3)

I had my follow-up appointment Monday, which is why I don't have anything else written for today. 

Still no definitive diagnosis. Can someone please bring in Dr. House?

I passed every test, yet I still have a "condition" (which I can neither see nor feel, but which could kill me if it gets worse).

However, the doctor does suspect it may have roots in the Rat Bite Fever I had nearly 30 years ago. She says its known effects could have caused my current issue, but there's apparently not a lot of information on the long-term effects. (Can we call this "Long Haul Rat Bite Fever" and chalk it up to confirmation bias?)

So, for the foreseeable future, I will get blood tests every 6 months, and a scan every year to make sure things aren't getting worse, where more serious measures would be necessary.


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