Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Medical update-- I'm a mystery

Yesterday I went for my follow-up appointment. (To catch up: link and link)

I apparently don't have the benign syndrome I was hoping for, since the battery of tests found another issue that is underlying the problem they originally found. However, I have none of the risk factors that typically cause that issue, so they took more blood to look for an auto-immune disorder or something.

I'm a medical mystery. Again. Which now makes me wonder whether the Rat Bite Fever I suffered 25+ years ago might be somehow related. Maybe I should mention that to the doctor... if I haven't.

Anyway, the doc claims she'll call me in a week with the results, and I have another appointment in early/mid-July. I hope I can still afford the 12.5 gallons of gasoline it takes to get to the appointment and back by that time. Otherwise, I might be inclined to just let it go.



  1. Definitely tell your doctor about the Rat Bite Fever if you haven't; that sounds like the kind of thing that *might* be a factor. Better for the doc to know and it not matter then the other way around. lol

    I'm bad like that. I rarely mention what I consider "minor" matters - like catching the mumps for a second time when I was 13 and ended up in a coma for a week. (Afterwards, Mom always blamed my fever for any "weird" behavior I exhibited afterwards.) Come to think of it, I've probably never told him about my two hernia operations when I was a kid.

    And 12.5 gallons of gas for a round trip to the doctor? You either need a better car or a closer doctor. lol

    1. I called and had them add that information to my records. I know the RBF had some lasting effects (my heart rate was permanently increased); maybe this is another one.

      There are no closer doctors- not specialists, anyway. There are 2 cities to choose from and they are both the same distance from me. A more fuel efficient car would be nice but I can probably afford the gasoline easier than another car. Until Elon Musk donates a Cybertruck to me, anyway (as I'm sure he's planning to do).

    2. Yeah, one of the drawbacks of living in the boondocks. My primary doctor is only 6 miles away, but my urologist and the hospital are both a 30 minute drive on the freeway to get to, so I can sympathize.