Tuesday, June 07, 2022

The real reason behind the anti-gun frenzy?

Why do you suppose government is trying so hard now to get your guns these days? It's not for the reason they are using as an excuse.

Government knows a collapse is coming (probably because they are causing it). They don't want desperate people to be armed. Not because they might shoot each other-- although that's the excuse they'll use. They just don't want anyone to shoot them

They sure don't want anyone who would refuse to comply with all their "emergency policies" to be armed. That would make it so much harder and more dangerous to corral, brand, and sell the human cattle.

They-- the authoritarians of the State-- are and always have been the Ancestral Enemies and they are afraid that what they've earned will be paid in full.

The right to own and to carry arms-- of every kind-- has never been more essential for you to exercise than it is right now.


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