Saturday, October 21, 2023

Doing wrong thing worse than nothing

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for September 17, 2023)

Political crimes aren't like ordinary crimes. They are worse.

They are also outside the "innocent until proven guilty" standard which applies to most other crimes; crimes committed by people without political power.

With an ordinary crime, you often have to figure out whether any crime was committed at all. Maybe it was an accident or a natural occurrence. Then, if it is discovered there was a crime, you have to try to find out who committed it.

This isn't how political crimes work. Most political crimes are committed in public, in front of cameras, with the guilty party bragging afterward about what they've done. There is no "allegedly" there.

Suppose some definitely-not-based-on-a-real-person hypothetical politician went in front of the public and announced she intended to commit the crime of Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law (TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242) by suspending the US Constitution-- specifically the Second Amendment-- for at least thirty days in one particular county. This is a crime against every resident and visitor affected, and the crime is committed openly, in public. There's no question of guilt.

The penalty for this specific crime can include the death penalty if anyone dies because they were unable to protect themselves from a freelance criminal while complying with the edict.

Our imaginary politician might admit she knows criminals won't comply (because they won't) but she feels the need to "do something". Doing the wrong thing is worse than doing nothing, and she's doing the exact opposite of what should be done. Feelings over thought.

In such a case, I would consider any law enforcement representative present while she committed her crime guilty of dereliction of duty for not immediately placing her under arrest as she spoke. Any law enforcement then conspiring with her to enforce her rules should be her co-defendants.

Some have claimed this imaginary politician would have to be impeached and removed from office before she could be arrested. This is ridiculous, but if true, get on with it. Impeach her.

If you're concerned about the hypothetical politician's welfare, don't be. She's safe from legal consequences as long as she's on the side with the political power, doing things other political criminals in state and federal government positions want done to the people. They'll protect her. It's so rare for anything to come of such crimes that the risk can be ignored.

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Belief in government is stupid and dangerous

Stupid and dangerous. That's what believing government has the right or the "authority" to do anything is.

So many troubles would evaporate into nothingness if most people accepted this reality.

You wouldn't have "drug crime", cartels, or things like that if enough people would stop pretending government has the right or the totally imaginary "authority" to impose prohibition.

There wouldn't be any reason to worry about what anti-weapon/anti-defense rules will be imposed next-- or whether the Supreme Courtjesters will throw out those evil rules or embrace failure by rubber-stamping them-- if people would admit that government has no legitimate say over weapons or who owns and carries them. None whatsoever.

You'd be able to keep your money to pay for services you actually want if "the public" would stop accepting theft under the guise of "taxation". You wouldn't be in danger of losing your home-- to the criminal gang some shriveled minds believe are the only thing keeping your property from being stolen-- if people stopped tolerating the yearly ransom called "property taxes". Letting thieves rob you so they'll protect your property from other thieves is really, really dumb.

Anything short of complete acceptance of these truths is extending the damage done by that archaic institution. It's piling more bodies on the altar; stealing the potential of the future.

Of course, government doesn't do any of these things. It can't do anything because it isn't a real thing. It is people infected with the belief in government who are responsible for all these crimes.

Yes, the belief in government is dangerous to human liberty. Government is a mind virus that causes people to behave in stupid and dangerous ways. It has no external reality-- the belief has consequences and one of those consequences is that people build actual physical things (with stolen money) that they can point to as proof that government is a real thing. Idols. That's all those are, and the worshipers themselves are the source of the theft, slavery, death, and destruction.

That includes those who believe a better system of government is possible and put lots of time and effort into polishing that juicy turd. They aren't helping.

I feel bad for those who believe government is essential, necessary, or inevitable. Or exists in any physical way. I shouldn't have my life diminished on the basis of their lack of ethics or weak thinking ability. Yet here we are.

Stupid (and/or unethical) people exist and always will. There's no way to eliminate them, especially when they want to continue wallowing in their stupidity. That doesn't mean you and I have to coddle them.

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