Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Vice signaling

Most of what is called "virtue signaling" these days seems like the opposite. I guess that could be called vice signaling.

It's not even like they are necessarily supporting traditional vices, but their support of certain things and groups who act in certain ways-- and the way they signal that support-- is a vice.

Not disavowing climate activists who destroy property and threaten life and liberty is vice signaling. As is going along with the pronoun clowns and pulling your ads from X because some political thugs-- who embody the opposite of what they claim-- told you to. Pushing ESG, DEI, CRT, and all the other racist, sexist, and antisocial programs is vice signaling. So is support for the Palestinian government.

But so is unwavering support for the military and police and what gets mistaken for "patriotism" these days. As well as support for the Israeli government.

Be glad when someone vice signals. They are telling you who they are and what sort of sickness they are willing to embrace.

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